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  1. Does anyone have a good resource they can direct me towards which gives a good classification of trusts?
  2. I am an incoming 2L, I go to law school on the east coast, but live in Calgary. My 1L grades are: B+ B B C C- D. Will my grades hamper me from securing a 2L position? I am not looking to work at some prestigious law firm, or at a big named downtown firm. The first thing I plan on doing is meeting with professors to discuss my exams. I will also try to join moot and get involved in some clubs. I am confident I can improve my grades in 2L. Should I look to securing a 2L position outside of Calgary, maybe in a smaller town like Red Deer perhaps? Should I aim towards smaller law firms and or sole practitioners? Are positions at these smaller law firms valuable/even considered 2L summer positions? Thanks to all of you.
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