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  1. Don't you have to take a certain number of credits per term for schools like Queens and Western to use your B2/L2 over your cGPA. If you took 6 years to finish your undergrad, how many classes were you taking per term?
  2. Not sure if there is one, but how would you say firms from other provinces (ex. Toronto) perceive Dal grads? Correct me if I'm wrong (cause I very well could be), but it seems like Dalhousie is one of the main schools where the majority of its graduates end up practicing law outside the particular province that the school is located in (i.e. Nova Scotia). Again, maybe this is just the impression i've got in talking with a couple past Dal graduates. But would you say there is a general bias (either negative or positive) that firms have towards Dal grads? Thanks in advance for any input!
  3. In regards to the reference, I was in the same situation and I got the acceptance email on Monday. I was still waiting on my second academic reference when I received the email from Rose that I was being offered a position. The LSAT writing I can't relate to though. Congrats!
  4. Question, I assume this years data likely isn't complete yet (hence the current drop across the board in percent change from last year to this year)? Meaning they haven't collected everyones LSAT marks as not everyone has applied yet. Just curious cause those are certainly significant decreases at almost every high LSAT grade (besides a few outliers like 169, 173, etc.)
  5. Accepted this morning! Went under review last Friday. Submitted my application on November 13th. MB resident - U of M grad (Bachelor of Commerce) cGPA - 3.48/4.3 L2 - 3.74/4.3 LSAT (3 times) - 152, 151, 161 Weak EC's, Great LR's (I think), Strong PS (Again, I think) Currently taking the year off to work in a field related to my degree. Thrilled about getting accepted here! Not sure exactly what my plan is just yet but Dal is definitely high up on my list!
  6. Through reading all these forums. And the L2 is what matters in his/her case given that their L2 is higher than their cGPA. 3.74 is above average and the 161 LSAT is right on average. And these are averages of first year admitted students. Meaning half of students that get admitted have lower stats than this. To me, that's a little surprising. But again, obviously this doesn't take into consideration softs so maybe that had something to do with it.
  7. Not sure how you can't be given that both your L2 and LSAT are right on the average for admission of first year students. Unless you know something about your application (i.e. softs) that the rest of us don't...
  8. Reading past acceptance threads and the stats from year-to-year, my bet is you'll get in off the waitlist
  9. From what I've read online, it's unlikely you get in with a 72.92. That being said, definitely apply as it is certainly possible! It depends a little bit on how competitive the application field is, as it varies from year-to-year. I would say you'll be waitlisted pretty deep, so it depends how far down the waitlist it goes. But again, definitely apply as you're not completely out of the running with those stats! Although I imagine you've likely already taken a look at this, I'll post the link anyways... http://law.robsonhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/web-stats-201990-1.pdf
  10. Based on what I've read, they don't even consider your cGPA if your L2 is better and was taken on a full schedule (4 courses a term). I'm surprised @Luckycharm didn't get in with those stats, but I guess softs are an important component too.
  11. I have a different question on the same topic if anyone is able to answer... When I go to "Law School Reports," it says 6 requests were received and 8 reports were sent. However, I only applied to 5 schools (Queens, Osgoode, Western, Dal and U of M). Anyone know why 8 reports would have been sent out for me?
  12. I second what AllanRC and AJD19 have said above, you need to focus more on PT's once you have a good grasp of the methodology for each section. Before my first two takes of the LSAT, I only did around 5 PT's in the month leading up to each test (10 total), which I believe was a big mistake now that I look back on it. Prior to my third take, I was doing three or four FULL PT's a week with an in-depth review of each question the following day. I imagine I probably did ~15 fully timed PT's prior to my third write, which I attribute as the reason for my drastic jump in score on my third take. Everyone has their own way of studying, but I personally think simulating actual testing conditions (i.e. strict timing limits, 5 section tests, and only one break) is the best way of preparing oneself for the real deal come test day. Again, I think you should only start doing this once you actually have a good grasp of the methods and how to approach each type of question as AllanRC mentioned above.
  13. Just checked and that's exactly what happened lol. Appreciate it!
  14. For reference, I didn't receive any purchase receipt. I was just emailed saying that I had successfully submitted my application and a reference number to go along with it.
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