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  1. Yeah I can't seem to find anything regarding the U of M process and how to reject an offer once you've accepted it. I checked the portal and didn't see anything on there. But I've made up my mind, so I think I'll just email them. I know I'll lose the deposit unfortunately, but I didn't want to risk it and not pay the deposit without having any other acceptances. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Sorry if this has been discussed already, however I'm a little confused and am looking for clarification. If I have provisionally accepted and submitted deposits to two schools: a school outside of Ontario (in March) and an Ontario school (in May), how does the firm acceptance then work if my provisional acceptances automatically become firm?
  3. I was rejected outright from Western and accepted to Queens with a cGPA 3.37, L2/B2 3.6, and 161 LSAT
  4. Anyone know how long it normally takes before you're accepted to the group? Just wanting to know if there are any updates posted on this Facebook page that may be important.
  5. For those of you who are going to school outside your home province (or city I suppose), do you plan on moving for the fall term even if it is completely online to the point where remote learning is a viable option? I'm trying to get a better sense of what others are thinking. Obviously the experience is a big thing to consider here in that you wouldn't get to be there to meet new people, attend school events (if there are any lol), familiarize yourself with the campus/city (as an incoming 1L), etc. On the flip side, I imagine a lot of people would save a good chunk of money staying at home and doing everything remotely. Any opinions for/against either side would really be appreciated. Or if anyone has pro's and con's to add to this I would love to hear them. Thanks!
  6. Hahah well obviously I didn't mean daily. My thought was you would study online from Ontario until the in-person portion of the term started cause I heard someone tell me it was likely to take place at the end of the term for the classes that needed it. Meaning that's when you would travel to Winnipeg. Regardless, I understand you now! Sorry for the confusion 😂
  7. My b when I read @robobrain's original post I just interpreted "When the in-person classes are held, my plan is to drive to Winnipeg" to mean they won't actually be staying in Winnipeg during the term and will only travel when needed.. guess I didn't need to quote you in it but was just curious what everyone's plan was 👍
  8. Yeah this was my exact thought too! The most recent communication today makes it sound like it wouldn't be a problem to live in your home province (as the in-person portion will not be mandatory like you mentioned), however I still feel like it would be a mistake to pass up the somewhat hindered 1L experience.
  9. Yeah I suppose I'm wondering if, even if it is hybrid, we would be required to live there for the entire term.. or if the in-person portion would be conducted at the end of the term and could be something we could just fly out for for a couple weeks. I guess only time will tell.
  10. Assuming classes are completely online in the Fall (which seems likely at this point), is anyone planning to live in their home province as opposed to moving to Kingston for the term? I have seen the idea thrown around but it doesn't seem like the smartest idea. You would likely save some money in the end, but I imagine you'd miss out on a lot of the 1L experience, even despite the current situation (i.e. meeting new people, attending social events, familiarizing yourself with the campus/city, etc.). I guess the potential for a hybrid, in-person class approach is another thing to consider (if they end up doing this at all). Would they conduct these in-person classes all at the end of the term for the classes that needed it? Or would they likely take place throughout the term at different points in time? I would appreciate anyone's insight on the thought of staying in your home province for the term if it is completely online. 😊 Thanks!!
  11. So none of you are planning on staying in Winnipeg during the school year then I assume? You are just planning on travelling back and forth when needed?
  12. Accepted about 10 minutes ago! Received an email and my status change online. Super excited! LSAT: 161 (highest - three attempts) cGPA: 3.37 L2/B2: 3.6 General applicant I would say relatively weak EC's, good personal statement (quite well written), and great references
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you still get accepted to schools after July 1st off the waitlist though? You're saying if I accept Ottawa and the July 1st deadline passes, I can no longer be considered for other schools. My only choice then would be to risk it and reject Ottawa with the hopes of getting into the other schools?
  14. I imagine the majority of people don't fill out this section actually (don't quote me on this though cause I could be wrong). Or if they do, a large portion of them really don't have an entirely valid reason for doing so. They simply do it cause it's an option which they think will improve their chances of being admitted. I know for myself anyways, none of the four categories really applied to me, and I wasn't about to make up some poor excuse for why I was "disadvantaged" during my undergrad (although I understand that is not the only reason why someone may fill out Part B). Don't get me wrong though, that's not to say there aren't many cases where people don't have a valid reason! I have heard some pretty crazy situations where the individual has every reason in the world to fill it out. **My apologies, forgot this was the accepted thread, please delete
  15. Were you notified via email? And was this a scholarship you had to apply for? Thanks!
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