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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you still get accepted to schools after July 1st off the waitlist though? You're saying if I accept Ottawa and the July 1st deadline passes, I can no longer be considered for other schools. My only choice then would be to risk it and reject Ottawa with the hopes of getting into the other schools?
  2. I imagine the majority of people don't fill out this section actually (don't quote me on this though cause I could be wrong). Or if they do, a large portion of them really don't have an entirely valid reason for doing so. They simply do it cause it's an option which they think will improve their chances of being admitted. I know for myself anyways, none of the four categories really applied to me, and I wasn't about to make up some poor excuse for why I was "disadvantaged" during my undergrad (although I understand that is not the only reason why someone may fill out Part B). Don't get me wrong though, that's not to say there aren't many cases where people don't have a valid reason! I have heard some pretty crazy situations where the individual has every reason in the world to fill it out. **My apologies, forgot this was the accepted thread, please delete
  3. Were you notified via email? And was this a scholarship you had to apply for? Thanks!
  4. Keep in mind Osgoode looks at your cGPA, not your L2/B2. So your cGPA will definitely hurt your chances. You'll have a much better chance at Western and Queens.
  5. Oh hahaha I was thinking it stood for some group of early offer students, but that makes sense 😂
  6. Hey there, just wondering what IIRC stands for here?
  7. I think you have a decent shot at the U of M with those stats. Try calculating your AGPA and see what you come up with. But if you have a 3ish/4.5 AGPA paired with your 169 LSAT, you are sitting at ~74 as your index score which could very well get you in off the waitlist.
  8. Received an offer earlier today! AGPA: 3.9/4.5 LSAT: 161 Index: ~77.4
  9. I haven't even started law school yet (so I don't have any experience with this), however I actually talked with some lawyers from Winnipeg about this exact thing, and what people are saying in this thread is generally true. From what I've heard, it is very difficult to get a job in Ontario coming out of school. Unless your a gold medal student at the top of your class or have something that sets you apart in some way, Ontario firms generally view Ontario students more favourably. However, if you're willing to stay in Winnipeg for a few years after school and work at firm there, I've heard it's absolutely doable to go back and find work in Ontario. Especially if you get a job at one of the top firms in Winnipeg during those few years. I think it's generally just more difficult to get a job in Ontario coming straight out of school.
  10. Haha first off, let me start off by acknowledging the fact that you are likely a keyboard warrior who take pride in insulting people. To each their own I guess... That being said, there is 0 need for hostility in this thread 😂 I'm not "cheerleading," it's the REALITY of OP's situation. He/she is absolutely getting into law school somewhere in Canada with those stats. One such school is the U of M, which doesn't even consider softs and OP's stats are well above the cutoff line to get in. It doesn't take "people who are long past law school, or at least in" to know if someone has a chance of getting into a law school in Canada or not. Sure those that are in/have finished law school are more informed about the realities of being in law school itself. But from an admissions perspective, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine whether someone will get in, has a chance, or has no chance of being admitted to a certain school. Unless OP has extenuating circumstances they have not mentioned, they are 100% getting in somewhere in Canada. This has literally nothing to do with optimism, I'm just stating facts. That being said, if OP is only willing to go to certain schools (e.g. Ontario schools), then their situation changes. However, they have made no mention of this in the original post, so who am I to make this assumption? Again, let me reiterate that this is not a "delusion," OP can absolutely go to law school in Canada, it's just a matter of their personal situation and how committed they are to pursue a career in the legal profession. All in all, I understand the point you are trying to make (regarding some people being too optimistic on this website), but it is not at all relevant to my original post. This reply was completely unnecessary and really just a waste of your time.
  11. With those stats, you're guaranteed in at half a dozen law schools in Canada, and you're a maybe at half a dozen more. Not sure why you feel otherwise. Unless you only want to go to certain schools and will forfeit law school entirely if you don't get into them. Keep your head up and get after that dream.
  12. In queue on January 6th OLSAS cGPA - 3.37 L2 - 3.6 Highest LSAT - 161
  13. Same here. But does it really matter if they ever update it? LSAT scores are sent to each school individually anyways so as long as they have it and you know what you got, what's the significance of it updating on OLSAS?
  14. Don't you have to take a certain number of credits per term for schools like Queens and Western to use your B2/L2 over your cGPA. If you took 6 years to finish your undergrad, how many classes were you taking per term?
  15. Not sure if there is one, but how would you say firms from other provinces (ex. Toronto) perceive Dal grads? Correct me if I'm wrong (cause I very well could be), but it seems like Dalhousie is one of the main schools where the majority of its graduates end up practicing law outside the particular province that the school is located in (i.e. Nova Scotia). Again, maybe this is just the impression i've got in talking with a couple past Dal graduates. But would you say there is a general bias (either negative or positive) that firms have towards Dal grads? Thanks in advance for any input!
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