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  1. Yes, it is skewed. I had pizza, chicken wings and beer to make myself happier after I calculated my cGPA in excel.
  2. A=86 B=73 C =60 Does that put you at a disadvantage? Yes. Some schools have A+. Some other people mentioned they have percentage grades along with the letter grades, and UBC used the percentage grades directly. One can confirm the cGPA with UBC after submission of the application (not before). I did that by email and got an answer right away. Hope that helps.
  3. You know there is a website called OCS
  4. qwopwo

    OLSAS rn

    Honestly, it‘s no big deal. As I grew up I have met numerous situations thinking it’s so important I have to make it, but at the end I realized it’s okay to go the other way. If you are accepted in other schools, you can transfer back to Ontario schools, can’t you? You have to do good for 1L anyway. Have some faith, you will be fine.
  5. Man I always wanted to learn Python, which I heard might be helpful for actual legal work.
  6. qwopwo

    OLSAS rn

    Its okay, don’t panic. Just email/call OLSAS on Monday and I’m sure it will be fine. I have heard cases where people got the chance to submit delayed transcript because they did WES evaluation. Just explain to them the system closed earlier and see what happens. Also, remember there are schools with deadline in December (UBC) and February next year (Dal). So cheer up and solve this thing.
  7. What makes you think “discriminatIon” will be publicly acknowledged if it does really exist? Google “affirmative action harvard”. But no I don’t think Canadian schools have discrimination against international students. Especially you have good stats and you’ll pay double to triple the tuition compared to local people. I’ve been through the same thing because I was an international student. All in all Canada is way more open to immigrants/workers/students than the states (and sadly it’s the people who have the same ethnicity as you will call you a FOB usually, I remember a lengthy post on this forum discussing this). So no need to worry.
  8. I have this as well. I guess it means the materials are under review.
  9. Same here. I definitely pasted my PS into that box. I hate the dalonline system so much. Its been like that for my five years at dal.
  10. Acadia Park? https://vancouver.housing.ubc.ca/residences/acadia-park/ Ah...I just saw the applicants should be a couple (common law marriage should work?)
  11. I personally would choose Osgoode if I can get in. Because like OP said, Osgoode is an established reputable school and I don’t know if Ryerson is as good in terms of job prospects so I would not like to take risks. Also, North York isn’t that far from downtown Toronto. Maybe apply both, get in at both, and see if you can get scholarship, bursary etc and compare the cost then. That may help you decide.
  12. As far as I know, most schools accept January LSAT, but it may impact your chance of admission at some schools, such as Mcgill. That said, if you can get a good score, say 170+, I guess it will mitigate the negative impact of a late score.
  13. Hi, I don't have the perfect LSAT score (169 July/167 September, as you can see I even dropped 2 points after 2 months' study, I am working on the November test) but if you would like to have a discussion on the LSAT with me feel free to PM! I can share with you my tricks and experiences.
  14. @dakI mean the only way they can weight the three components equally is that they assign a number to the PS, while U of T, another school takes the holistic way of evaluation, specifically states that the essay will be examined by multiple readers to get a sense of the unique strength of each applicant, which indicates their evaluation is qualitative rather than quantitative. So I personally won’t count on the PS because it’s hard to predict the result. My PS is pretty mundane I would say.
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