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  1. Doubt it. Louis Litt was a HYS JD/MBA.
  2. Don’t give up. The first year in Canada would be difficult but it gets better when you overcome the language barrier (and you will as long as you really immerse). Plus you are in one of the finest Canadian law school so I can imagine it’s difficult due to the competition there. Being an international student myself, I wanted to drop out grad school many times and I ended up just okay. Best wishes!
  3. Maybe we should pin posts like this. This topic has been discussed many times.
  4. Since you have WES, you can use the scale I mentioned above. The calculator on this website uses 85 for A while in fact UBC uses 86.
  5. If thats the case you can calculate by yourself. A=86 B=73 and C=60. Drop the 12 credit and you will get a very close number to the UBC conversion. Based on your index, I think you will be in. Take it easy.
  6. You can email UBC and confirm with them. They usually respond in the same day.
  7. If you can get a high LSAT, Queens is still in the reach. No need to be sad. Do the last semester well and take the LSAT in the summer/fall in case it interferes your finals. It’s not uncommon for people to retake the LSAT and one can only write three times a year, so I would suggest start to prepare the LSAT early.
  8. I think either UBC or UVic is the better choice considering your left leaning political stand (so am I). Based on your stats it is possible for you to get scholarship at UBC as your index seems to be close to 93. Also UBC should have cheaper residence for couples.
  9. 😝Bring yourself a good parka and a pair of nice snow boots then
  10. Do you like snow? I recently talked to a vancouverite and the guy never experienced freezing rain. The weather may not be relevant to many people but it is for me. I am fed up with the cold weather on the east coast.
  11. qwopwo

    UVic vs UBC

    “Endless amounts of free pizza” makes UBC a no-brainer choice, IMHO. My school only has free beef burger once a year. But seriously, the extra cost is something to consider if your estimation is correct. 50k is not an insignificant amount. The dual degree program offered by UBC is with HKU (maybe Beijing as well?), it’s for students who want to practice in HK. Cantonese is a must if one wants to really assimilate, and the tuition is very high.
  12. You know there are multiple people named Mike Ross on this forum
  13. If you have questions on work permit, immigration etc and if you would like, you can pm me. I went through the process quite recently.
  14. I highly recommend UVic and UBC with that LSAT.
  15. Both are newest versions bought this year. If you live in Halifax I can meet at Dal. Please PM if you are interested.
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