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  1. It was used this year, I'm going to assume it will be next year since I've been told by upper years that they preferred the small groups. From my experience and that of my friends? It was a horrible idea for an online year. But I also know many students enjoyed it. I think it comes down to personal preference and if next year will be online or in person.
  2. To @masterofnut, @Diplock, and everyone else who read the original post sorry about how unclear that jumble was. At the time it honestly felt better to just yell on an online platform instead of on my balcony. I guess all in all I was just looking to see if other 1Ls were struggling to adjust to law school like I am with covid going on at all. I know the mental health services at my school are always at capacity and are not able to take more appointments so a lot of us are left without support. Academically, I am struggling with zoom lectures and I was curious what everyone else's experiences were like. Are other 1Ls finding that they do most of their learning from studying upper years' 1L notes? Personally so far I've been beating the curve but I feel like I should be getting more out of lectures or like my approach might not work on actual exams and am just anxious about that. Emotionally, I don't know which schools have small groups or things like that, but are other 1Ls feeling super isolated and just overall alienated and like they don't belong or again am I just weird? For upper years who can chime in, like did you find your umm place? in the school in 1L or did you have to get into second to start finding people you clicked with? Is it normal to be this depressed? like factoring in covid and everything because I understand its a situation that we have limited influence over, but like idk tbh just trying to cope and really struggling with being alone constantly and feeling abandoned. My interest in other schools is more or less to just trash myself even more for feeling like I picked the wrong school, even though I doubt there'd be any discernable difference. Again sorry if the original post came off narrow minded or ignorant or just dumb. Sorry if this one does๐Ÿ˜…. Just desperately needed to voice something somewhere.
  3. Not to say that people in person are disingenuous in person or just too afraid to speak out in class or in "town halls". There's no admin here, it's relatively anonymous. So really, how are you doing? I feel like I can't be the only one disgusted and hating the experience of law school. And no I don't mean the workload, I don't mean in terms of matching pre covid expectations. But genuinely, does anyone really like their class mates or how their school is handling all of this? Also no pressure but please share where you go, really toying with the idea of exploring the option to transfer. And yes, I know there's another thread about hating law school from a few days ago or so but I can't help but feel its lost its sense of direction.
  4. Also an incoming 1L but make sure you're checking beyond the first week of classes if you're looking on SOLUS. I thought I only had three days of class the first week then I noticed that I had 4 days of class the week after when tutorials started.
  5. Thanks @Cheech and @chrispbacon! I had a feeling but just wanted to double check
  6. So might be a dumb question but I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a dress code for the Welcome Day or the Torys' Reception? Just bought a Strange Planet shirt and was thinking...
  7. Accepted yesterday through email SOLUS still hasn't updated yet though CGPA: 3.53 LSAT: 163
  8. Accepted on Tuesday, keep expecting to wake up and have had it all been a dream! CGPA: 3.53 L2: 3.57 LSAT: 163 From Ontario
  9. Good to know! Went through the accepted thread from last year and feeling a tad more confident.
  10. Great idea JaysFan 364! I honestly didn't think my scores would be good enough for Osgoode but I suppose trying couldn't hurt! Windsor I'll do some more research on, but good idea covering all the bases!
  11. Thanks for the reply! Yeah I thought UBC would be a long shot, but it's great to know that there might be hope for UVIC. I did some research today and calculated my index score as 895 without drops and 915 with drops ( I think?) I did some research and saw that the auto-admit threshold was 905 so I'm hoping I calculated my index score correctly
  12. Hi, so kind of new here but I saw a few chances threads and thought I'd give it a shot and see what you all thought. LSAT: 158, 163 CGPA: 3.53 L2: 3.57 B2: 3.67 I'm going into my fourth year and applying this fall. I've done some research and know my LSAT is around the mean for most schools in Ontario but my GPA is a tad under. Mainly interested in Queens, Western, Ottawa, Victoria, and UBC, but doing research on other schools around Canada as well. Any input would be great! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‡
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