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  1. I am not in law school and feel the same. I would get another without a doubt.
  2. It's honestly more reassuring to know I'm not alone in waiting. I would have guessed someone with your stats would have heard already. It's a strange year.
  3. Not gonna lie I have had similar thoughts because I see people with lower stats hearing back. But from what I have noticed they seem to go back and forth between high LSAT low GPA and high GPA low LSAT, leaving my average self in limbo haha. Your LSAT score is definitely great so I don't know what to make of that, besides the fact that they have a larger volume of applicants to go through.
  4. Assessment Process Your application will be grouped with other applications that have similar statistical profiles for assessment. See below for more information about the LSAT and GPA. https://law.ucalgary.ca/future-students/how-to-apply/assessment-of-applications
  5. I'm surprised by this move too. I thought they would go over all applicants first before revisiting ones they already reviewed. It's a strange year and a strange system. They may not get back to everyone by the usual mid-May timeline at this rate.
  6. Haha totally now or never.
  7. Calgary police has the highest officer shootings in Canada, and highest fatal shootings even compared to Chicago, and New York.
  8. I second the comments on Calgary having better climate and aesthetic nature. Basically the mountains and by extension the chinooks singlehandedly make it the better city. I can't stand how gloomy Edmonton can be. However Edmonton does have better festivals, music and arts scene than Calgary by far. Bonus points for the cheaper real estate and access to government jobs.
  9. I only did the course and it was perfect.
  10. I took the Harvard Ready course last summer. I have nothing bad to say about the LG approach. The course prepared me to attack any game and by the end I was consistently getting -0 on that section. I have no idea what the chart method is. It may be what I did and it may not.
  11. Same!! As if somehow the forum changes my chances.
  12. Congratulations. Glad it's not the 31st that would have been too many deposits in a row.
  13. I highly recommend Harvard Ready. Yoni is the best!
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