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  1. With L2 of 3.8 and LSAT in 155-156 you have a chance of getting in at U of A. It's a numbers school and they release their admitted applicant matrix.
  2. If you choose to go with Harvard Ready, you wouldn't need any other textbooks. Additionally, the homework includes a decent amount of LSAT questions, so if you do those you are doing practice just more categorized. Then there's also a lot of tests that you can practice via Harvard Ready. I can't see someone needing to get any other resource beyond what they offer.
  3. I live in Calgary where the LRT and buses that go downtown are nowadays more reliable than they used to be. I have only taken transit few times in Edmonton and none in the recent past, so I can't really comment on how they would be. In any case I would vet that about the specific area you end up and plan accordingly.
  4. I had to drive from Fort Saskatchewan to downtown Edmonton during the morning rush hour once. It was not something I would ever want to do daily. IIRC it was supposed to be a 40 minute drive but turned into well over an hour. I'm not sure if that was bad luck or normal, but I remember being glad I didn't have anything booked for the first hour I was supposed to be there.
  5. U of C and U of A calculate your L2 based on credits so with a half course being 3 they go back to your last 60 credits. If that falls mid-semester they count the whole semester. And lastly if you're applying while in school the ONLY start from that fall semester and go back as long as need be for those 60 credits. HTH
  6. Actually it's been rumored some universities are INCREASING tuition to cover additional costs of converting to online format. The university of Calgary has not, just to be clear.
  7. This is what I was hoping for. And now that I am taking it I definitely echo what you said. Though I am slower when I do the practice but it is worth it because I'm seeing improvement for sure.
  8. Yoni from Harvard Ready. I'm taking the course online (because of covid-19) and it's worth every penny but he also does tutoring online. You won't regret it!
  9. Thank you! I imagined much full timetable. I'm curious though about courses individually. Is there anytime you're sitting for a whole morning say Fridays in one single class? And if so do you get a break? Also does each course take same block of time in a week. Like the MWF 1 hour v TR 1.5 hour in undergrad at U of C? Or do they vary from one course to another?
  10. I'm wondering about this as well.
  11. Lenovo ThinkPad hands down. I have had many ThinkPads and the support is phenomenal. I have the X1 carbon because I wanted the lightest laptop money can buy. If weight is a priority, you should look into it. It's been a solid machine, even though I dropped it in a parking lot straight to the bare ground. Be sure to get the touchscreen! I almost got one without because the way the specs were written. The pen they sold me with it was not compatible though, so beware of that.
  12. I am not in law school, but I went to u of c and lived in res for my undergrad. I would say stay on campus your first year. It really helps to be walking distance to classes. The on campus residence is connected to most university buildings by underground tunnels. Then you can decide if you want to share a house with friends off campus to save some cash the next year.
  13. I don't know about other universities, but U of C and U of A would count the whole semester to get the minimum 60 credits.
  14. I second what everyone else has said. Pretty general stuff. You're ahead uf you've browsed some of the forum content here.
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