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  1. I would stress that Calgary is a holistic school, and not a strict merit school. Do you have anything else that you think makes you stand out, even a little bit? Work experience? EC s? Lived experience? I would apply and focus on what your strengths are as is, as well as whatever you can change. Good luck!
  2. If you are still in school, they will not look at your application until your January, so that your fall grades are included,so you may be ok to do both LSAT sittings.
  3. I couldn't tell you. I took their course, but I know he offers one-on-one by the hour or a package of 10. You can check out the website: https://harvardready.com/
  4. I think these stats give you a solid chance at U of A. U of C is holistic though, so maybe but who knows. And they are not looking at references this year. If I were you I would definitely apply anyways.
  5. I know that's not what you asked, but I would consider U of A, you have a decent chance based on those stats. I would also apply for U of C anyways, your work experience may boost you up. I am not a law student yet, but I have watched these 2 schools closely for a few years now. Good luck!
  6. Calgary is a holistic school so you never know who gets accepted. They look at more than just your stats, so if you have decent extracurriculars you may get in. References used to be another factor, but this year the U of C has eliminated references from the application process. Hope this helps.
  7. Harvard Ready is doing their LSAT prep online. If you are open to it, it will be the best money/time spent.
  8. I'm wondering if anyone here has requested a place to do the test. I know they offer that as part of the resource accommodation but curious what they would offer practically. It's starting to stress me out now that I think about it. My bedroom has terrible lighting, I can't imagine writing it there. And the rest of our space is incredibly open concept with many doors/hallways and I can't guarantee I won't get people ringing our doorbell. Ideally I'd like to go write it at the university like the pre-covid non-flex good old days!!
  9. With L2 of 3.8 and LSAT in 155-156 you have a chance of getting in at U of A. It's a numbers school and they release their admitted applicant matrix.
  10. If you choose to go with Harvard Ready, you wouldn't need any other textbooks. Additionally, the homework includes a decent amount of LSAT questions, so if you do those you are doing practice just more categorized. Then there's also a lot of tests that you can practice via Harvard Ready. I can't see someone needing to get any other resource beyond what they offer.
  11. I live in Calgary where the LRT and buses that go downtown are nowadays more reliable than they used to be. I have only taken transit few times in Edmonton and none in the recent past, so I can't really comment on how they would be. In any case I would vet that about the specific area you end up and plan accordingly.
  12. I had to drive from Fort Saskatchewan to downtown Edmonton during the morning rush hour once. It was not something I would ever want to do daily. IIRC it was supposed to be a 40 minute drive but turned into well over an hour. I'm not sure if that was bad luck or normal, but I remember being glad I didn't have anything booked for the first hour I was supposed to be there.
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