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  1. Thinking this might be helpful (found this on the Osgoode admissions page): "Our approach to reading close to 3,000 applications begins with the applicant’s cumulative GPA and LSAT score. Files are also reviewed for equity and diversity considerations cited by the applicant. Applicants are then grouped and files are read accordingly." I think the queue is beginning with those who have a high GPA and/or LSAT score and going from there, but I'm probably wrong lol.
  2. In queue for review: 3.79 cGPA, 156 LSAT
  3. How do I let the schools I’ve applied to know that I’m retaking? I didn’t initially plan on retaking so when I applied I never mentioned that I was.
  4. Business major with strong LORs, have been quite involved throughout my 4 years of undergrad so I do have an extensive extracurricular profile with leadership positions, as well as professional work experience.
  5. Thank you to everyone who gave insightful advice. There were a lot of unnecessarily negative comments when I was only seeking helpful advice considering this is my first time applying, so I appreciate the people who commented on this in a non-obnoxious manner. I think I’m going to stick with Osgoode now, considering that the prospects with Ryerson are too unpredictable. I understand that my LSAT is a bit low so I’m considering potentially rewriting in January, however I believe my GPA, LORs, ECs, and work experience will be able to lift me up. I’ve also entered my stats on the OLSAS admissions predictor which indicates that I have a “Very Good” chance of admission to Osgoode. Of course this isn’t 100% reliable but I’m hoping it’s valid to some extent. I am also applying to Windsor and Ottawa.
  6. Sorry but I’m a bit confused as to why location can’t be a decent reason. Is that not why many people on this site express a distaste towards schools like UWindsor, simply for not being close enough to Toronto? I thought it was ridiculous until I started reading what people say on this forum...
  7. The fact that no one has experienced Ryerson's admission process is exactly what I mean by Osgoode's "admission process is easier to predict than Ryerson's." When it comes to Osgoode, there are at least published stats in regard to median GPA, LSAT score, etc. and posts from students on this site who have been accepted, waitlisted and rejected. Ryerson is completely new so no one knows what their admission standards will be like.
  8. I'm in the midst of deciding which Toronto school I would prefer to apply to considering I already have two other schools I've decided to apply to and would rather not spend $400 on applications. Reasons for Ryerson: 1. The location is better and the tuition is cheaper than Osgoode's 2. Opportunity to do a professional work placement Reasons for Osgoode: 1. More established reputation 2. Admissions process is easier to predict than Ryerson's As for my stats, my cGPA is 3.79, L2 is 3.83, LSAT 156.
  9. I'm looking for someone who could review my application and give me constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. I would very much appreciate this and I'd be willing to do the same in exchange!
  10. I'm currently working on my personal statements and I am having an incredibly difficult time doing so. I'd like them to be the best as possible but I'm not sure what to compare to... There are very few helpful Canadian resources. Most of the resources I've found are American and it seems like the PS structure is much different considering many are written as personal stories/narratives. Can anyone offer any help or resources please?
  11. I have strong ECs, professional work experience, and I believe I can probably improve my GPA this year as well. With strong LORs, would I have a decent chance? I’m aware my LSAT score is my weak point... As for my French skills, I’ve taken French throughout grade school and high school, I come from a Francophone household, and I am taking a French course this semester.
  12. Absolutely, it’s unlikely that I’ll go for that reason but I’d still give it a shot to see. Mainly planning on going to Windsor since it is my hometown so I would be saving a ton of money.
  13. Yes, which is quite expensive for me given my circumstances unfortunately.
  14. What are my odds of getting in realistically? I do have an extensive extracurricular profile with leadership positions, as well as professional work experience. Should I bother applying to Osgoode or is there little to no chance I’d get in?
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