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  1. Just a heads up: the school emailed that most students will only be able to register for one in-person class per term.
  2. 30-50% of classes will be in-person/hybrid in the Fall. I assume by Winter classes could almost entirely be in-person. I just did my entire 1L at home, and while it did feel isolating, not moving to Ottawa was 100% the smartest decision I made. Personally, I am glad that I did not succumb to the pressure of moving when many others in my year did in hopes that classes would eventually be in person. Having a support system at home + saving on rent and all the other expenses that coming with living on your own are really significant factors to consider. 1L is stressful enough as is. If it makes more sense financially for you to stay at home, I recommend it. If you change your mind, you could always just move in the winter (although this likely will be more difficult).
  3. Has anyone heard back yet on the DOJ academic internships this year? Or if anyone has previously done one of these internships, when should one expect to hear back since the deadline for applications was April 6th?
  4. Not only that but Ottawa is better in terms of proximity. Although it's farther from Toronto than London is, Ottawa is only 2 hours away from Montreal if you care about being close to a big city. London is only close to Toronto and nothing else.
  5. Last cycle I applied to the Can/US JD program and was admitted without submitting any additional documents. I think you should be fine unless they changed the requirements!
  6. When should one start looking for a September lease?
  7. I agree that many, if not all, law schools will at the very least try a hybrid model. Going off an email sent by the Dean of uOttawa law, it sounds like the fall semester will probably be in-person in some capacity (that's how I interpreted it at least). "It is our intention to have a robust in person presence in the Fall of 2021. We expect – public health guidelines permitting – to offer a significant percentage of in person classes. The flip side of this is that we expect to continue to offer a significant amount of our courses by distance as we have this year."
  8. I'll start off by saying I am in no way unhappy with my midterm grades because I actually anticipated much worse results in some of my courses. Based on what I've seen here, my grades seem to be quite average. I received two B+'s and three B's. I want to aim for at least one A- and bump one or two of those B's to a B+. How feasible is this? And more importantly, what are the best tips/strategies moving forward so that I can achieve this goal?
  9. Ottawa also offers quite a few courses and internships in immigration/refugee law.
  10. From what I read in the threads last year it looks like people were notified by phone call that they were accepted off the waitlist.
  11. Heard back this morning on two scholarships as well!
  12. I've narrowed it down to 4 small groups based on the reviews I've read on ratemyprof but I was hoping to learn a bit more about these profs from upper year students who have taken a class with them. It's important to me that I have a professor that is a fair grader and is approachable. Here are the following profs I would like to choose from: Con Law - Yin Yuan Chen Con Law - Kyle Kirkup Torts - Lynda Collins Torts - Jena McGill
  13. I checked my junk folder but it’s not there was the email sent to your email you applied with or your uottawa email address by chance?
  14. Thanks! I’m guessing it will either be sent later in the day or maybe another day then.
  15. I was wondering if everyone has received the email regarding course registration that was supposed to be sent today. I haven’t received it yet.
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