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  1. When my school calculated my gpa for their own internal records they only included the most recent attempt of the course, whether or not it was a better grade. In my case, I did better the second time around so it showed up on my unofficial transcript that I repeated the course but the first grade was dropped and only the better grade was used for my gpa calculation. However, on my official transcript it shows the grade I received both times I took the course, and it shows it as two separate courses even though I took the course in different semesters. OLSAS website states "All courses and marks, including failed, incomplete, repeated and supplementary courses, and courses extra to degree requirements are included in the GPA." So to answer your question, both of my grades were included. Not sure if it was taken as an average or counted as a separate course. Also wanted to add, I don't really think the school policies of whether they include the grade in the gpa calculation matters. I believe that in order to make it consistent across all schools, OLSAS just uses all grades that were taken regardless of individual school policies.
  2. Did you complete your writing sample for the LSAT?
  3. I retook a course that was bringing my average down and OLSAS calculated my gpa by including both the original grade and the updated grade
  4. Which one did you end up taking?
  5. How did you like the perspective option?
  6. That's a very fair point, thanks!
  7. I noticed that Osgoode requires you to choose between a legal theory seminar and a perspective option for your elective in 1L. I was wondering if anyone had any comments on which one is better or their experiences with either of them?
  8. I wrote the LSAT a total of 4 times and I scored 151 the first two times I wrote it. I don't think admissions really puts too much of an emphasis on it. The last time I wrote it I scored 163 and I was able to get into all the schools I applied for (Osgoode, Dal, Ottawa, Western and Queens). I think if you have a pretty ok shot at Ottawa though
  9. I would love to know this too, I just firmly accepted their offer yesterday!
  10. Received my acceptance today! CGPA: 3.92 LSAT: 163
  11. Received my acceptance today! OLSAS CGPA: 3.92 LSAT: 163 Also received an entrance scholarship
  12. I wrote the LSAT 4 times and I've received acceptances already from Osgoode and Dalhousie
  13. I agree with this, OASIS said I received my acceptance on December 5th but I know I checked in the evening of that day and it wasn't there. I received the acceptance email in the morning of December 6th and that's when I also saw the acceptance on OASIS.
  14. Received my acceptance on December 5th went into the queue on December 3rd! Beyond happy to receive this 😁 OLSAS CGPA: 3.92 LSAT: 163
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