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  1. I wrote the LSAT 4 times and I've received acceptances already from Osgoode and Dalhousie
  2. I agree with this, OASIS said I received my acceptance on December 5th but I know I checked in the evening of that day and it wasn't there. I received the acceptance email in the morning of December 6th and that's when I also saw the acceptance on OASIS.
  3. Received my acceptance on December 5th went into the queue on December 3rd! Beyond happy to receive this 😁 OLSAS CGPA: 3.92 LSAT: 163
  4. In queue for review as of December 3rd! My stats are CGPA: 3.92 and LSAT 163
  5. No, I didn't write at McMaster! But thanks!! I'm not too sure yet, I want to wait and see where else I will be accepted, I'm hoping to stay in Ontario.
  6. I received an acknowledgement email from Osgoode on November 18
  7. Accepted a few hours ago! CGPA: 3.91 L2: 3.95 LSAT: 155 in July and 163 in October. Pretty sure they accepted me based on my 155 score because I received the notification of my acceptance and my results from the October test only a few hours apart. Applied October 31st Ontario resident
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