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  1. Hello! I performed averagely pretty well across the board in all my courses. I'm debating P/F everything, simply because 2L OCI's will have my fall 2L course marks, and I don't believe that my 1L marks are representative of my knowledge and ability to perform based on the circumstances in which I found myself studying during the pandemic (non-ideal living conditions). Will employers infer I got all C's or C+'s when I actually got none? Am I better off to P/F my one below average grade, or simply keep them all or S/U them all?
  2. As someone at McGill, I agree that the lack of control on term papers particularly stress me out @pzabbythesecond. I want to write a paper with a prof who is known to be very strict, mainly because we share interests and because they are notoriously picky and I know this will help me with my paper writing and research skills in the long run. Nonetheless, I am planning to write with this professor. However, it is sad that I have to consider the possibility that this could cause a bit of a setback in terms of GPA.
  3. McGill Central (Confirmed by the Law school), has announced that everything will be remote, barring small in-person sessions where possible.
  4. Agreed. Keep the B. Your grades in your substantive law classes are impressive. Your going to get looked at as a strong candidate, and whether or not it's true that people will read the P as a C, it's truly not worth the risk for someone who sits around a 3.6 after 1L anyways.
  5. Quick question since you seem to perhaps be more familiar with this kind of thing. If I have a 4.01/4.3 at U of T, Dalhousie, etc , how would this convert? Any school that has this kind of scale for example! I kind of feel like I'm looking at the scale wrong, probably just overthinking it. Grade Grade point value Percentage A+ 4.0 90-100 A 4.0 85-89
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