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  1. Selling the following books — preferring to sell all together for $275 -Loophole in Logical Reasoning -LSAT Trainer (2nd Ed) -Powerscore LR Bible (2020) + Workbook -Princeton Review LSAT Bundle: 101, 201, 301, 401, and the Diagnostic Exams (with 5-section exams included) -LSAT PTs Superprep -LSAT PTs volume V -LSAT PTs volume VI -Kaplan LSAT Premier 2016-2017 -Kaplan Logic Games Unlocked 2018-2019 PM to discuss delivery
  2. Accepted today CGPA: 3.15, L2 3.7/4, LSAT 160
  3. Accepted off waitlist L2 3.7, LSAT 160, many ECs
  4. Accepted last week! Discretionary category 3.56 GPA with drops, 160 LSAT
  5. Have you applied to uvic under the discretionary category? If so, what status is your file currently under? (ie: to committee, decision pending, etc.)
  6. Just turned down my acceptance, here’s hoping you all see movement soon!
  7. Thanks folks! I ended up giving them a call and they were very polite and helpful. Turns out that the system is indeed just behind as thought — nonetheless weird given that it’s March now... but glad it’s not an issue on my end!
  8. Is anyone else still experiencing this? My application is still waiting a decision, but I’ve submitted my transcripts and the personal statement, however it says English Language Proficiency is still an outstanding item. I thought this would be complete upon the receipt of my university transcript, which was early January but it is still outstanding. Should I just assume that they’re really busy and haven’t had a chance to update it yet? I don’t want to call in and bother them during this busy time so I’m wondering if there are others seeing this as well? Thanks in advance.
  9. Congrats! Was this your only LSAT score?
  10. My L2 at UBC (percentage school) is 84.2% which I have seen mixed comments about how this translates to on the 4.0 scale -- would this be 3.8 or 3.9? LSAT average 153 (bombed it the first time) Appreciate any insight for this admission cycle!
  11. I have 3 LORs submitted as part of my OLSAS application, but some of the schools I'm applying to (ie: Western) specifically ask for only 2. I obviously haven't submitted my application yet, but I'm wondering if there is a part of the application that I am missing that asks me to choose which LORs will accompany which school? Or is this a step that is only accessible after submission? Thanks in advance!
  12. cGPA: 3.06 or 75% due to a bad first year (access-related) L2: 3.64 or 84% LSAT: 151, 157 – registered to take November as well Just wanted to know which schools I would have a realistic chance with and should apply for. Any insight is appreciated!
  13. I noticed there's an address section for each sketch as well, do you happen to know if this is the activity location or your verifier's address? It's a little unclear.
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