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  1. I got my schedule around mid to end of July, if I remember correctly.
  2. I agree with all my fellow students who have wrote about the supportive atmosphere at law school. People are always willing to help, and while I can only speak to my experiences at my own school, I have heard this from law students at every school. Even in high school, my teachers would tell stories about students ripping out pages from library books in undergrad, which I have never found to be the case, at any level of study. As @erinl2 noted, most course materials are online anyways. Frankly, I think it’s irresponsible for people to propagate these myths and give people this impression of law students when it couldn’t be further from the truth. And even if it were true, one experience should not outweigh the hundreds of other positive experiences.
  3. Yup, the newsletter today confirmed this. That graduating students already have awards written on their transcripts and that they will be added later in June for continuing students.
  4. Does anyone know when the award list is going out for this year? I know it went out by this time last year already but I’m assuming everything is delayed because of Covid.
  5. Check out the PBSC pages of the school that is closest to you (doesn’t even have to be your school). Maybe you can do some volunteering with them, even if you’re not close, you can still possibly do remote work.
  6. Thank you so much for your thorough response, this was very helpful.
  7. I had an essay I worked on this past semester that I really enjoyed researching/writing. I found there was far more I wanted to write on the topic but due to the word count, there was a lot of research I couldn’t incorporate. As a summer project, I wanted to expand my essay and aim to get it published in a law journal. For students who have been published in journals before, are there any tips you could pass on? Compared to writing an essay, what did you do differently when writing the article, as compared to writing an essay? If any members of their school’s law journals want to chime in on what they look for, I would greatly appreciate the assistance.
  8. For Dean’s List for 2L or 3L, would your grades from 1L be counted towards your GPA to determine Dean’s List or is it strictly your grades from that year only?
  9. Question - is Dean’s list your cumulative law school grades or your grades from that year only?
  10. I think it can be hit or miss. I lived with fellow professional students for law school and it was fine, but in hindsight I wish I lived with law students as I feel you can rely on and motivate each other. But it can be awkward if you end up having an issue with your roommate, as the law school community is small and gossipy.
  11. What score are you aiming for? And what school do you want to go to?
  12. I have an interview for a research assistant position for one of my professors. For those of you who have worked as an RA before, what kind of work did you do and what questions were you asked during the interview. I would greatly appreciate any advice.
  13. If you find yourself plateauing, get a tutor. I know in this current climate it is difficult but I used to have Skype sessions with my tutor sometimes when meeting in person was inconvenient and this was a few years ago. If there are some concepts you’re just not getting, they can help explain them in a way that might make you understand. I find tutors who didn’t have a natural aptitude for the test but studied their butt off to be most effective.
  14. Hey guys, so I know it has been beaten to death on these boards that foreign grads don’t fare as well when coming back to Canada. However, I was wondering if there is any way of getting comprehensive data on the stats of foreign grads vs the stats of Canadian grads before entering law school, employment prospects of foreign grads vs. Canadian grads, and employer perspectives on foreign grads. I am a student in a Canadian law school but I have always been interested in the research aspect and think this would be a great area to do future research on and maybe write a paper. Any suggestions/thoughts are welcome.
  15. Why not study for your LSAT and write it early and get it out of the way? One of the biggest mistakes I made when applying to law school was applying before I had an LSAT score. I ended up writing my LSAT in February and got accepted on that score but if you have your complete application ready by the time you apply, schools can start looking at your application right away and accept you then. You also won’t have to worry about writing it during the school year and may have a better chance since the school will have all their spots open vs writing it later when half the class is full and there’s more competition. My February test was also undisclosed so I wasn’t able to determine what I got wrong (not that it mattered but inquiring minds wanted to know). If you’re really determine to do something, I would say try and learn a transferable skill that maybe you can use when applying to firms, when you’re actually in law school (e.g. French or an online certification or something). You can definitely try and do something to help others during the pandemic but I would caution against organizing a one day thing, such as a food drive, and then including that in your personal statement or cover letters.
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