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  1. Hi all, I have an articling position interview with the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel. Any idea as to what I can expect? Will the interviews be more like the public sector (fixed set of questions and note taking for every candidate) or more like the private sector (more informal and based on your application package... resume, cover letter, grades etc..). Any insight is appreciated! You can feel free to PM me as well
  2. Been a while since I looked at the SARS stuff, but I believe the reason it "disappeared" was because although that coronavirus was more deadly, it didn't spread as easily so the 7K or so people that got infected were able to be tracked and quarantined. With this COVID19 virus being so contagious, and the lack of testing available at the moment, it's very unlikely if not impossible that we could quarantine everyone with it and "starve" off the virus
  3. I feel the same way, we had the exact same cover letter seminar at my law school in 1L and I remember thinking how absurd that was and how many people in the room would actually have an experience like that. There are people in this thread talking about the importance of grades, but you hit the hammer right on the nail with your point that grades ultimately don't mean very much. As someone who participated in two formal 2L OCI recruits, I also witnessed the arbitrariness of the recruitment process and how little grades really mean. Most of the time, these firms get so many applications that they would just look at the overall gpa value at the top of the transcript, and if that is above their set number (e.g. 7.2 or B+), then no one would bother digging deeper into the transcript for things like grades for individual courses or whole semesters pass/failed (whether its for reasons due to COVID-19, labour disputes at schools, or exchange programs). BUT, after that initial filter, it all came down to fit. I also support a mandatory pass/fail system as it levels the playing field.
  4. Some schools are using special software, some are not. At some schools, a document will just posted on the school class portal, you download it and answer the questions in a word file, and submit it back to the portal like you would for an assignment.
  5. I disagree that firm's have no idea about kid#2 when both 2L students would have 3 previous semesters of grades to indicate their strength. The schools that chose to do mandatory P/F thought it out and chose wisely. They realize that not everyone is able to succeed from the social distancing and online education requirement this semester. Many students are disadvantaged due to childcare concerns and difficult living arrangements. Some may even lack a stable internet connection. in fact, some professors are unable to properly conduct online classes due to their lack of internet capabilites. And as the libraries are closed, it becomes difficult for others to concentrate or to seek out resources like stable internet. At uOttawa, the administration has only now communicated to students what changed exam formats will look like. Secondly, you speak of students at mandatory P/F schools losing the chance to demonstrate their capability, but this less of a concern for 2L and 3L students. They would already have had anywhere from 3 to 5 semester worth of grades to show their capabilities. My concern about the prejudicial impact speaks to the concerns of upper year students, not 1L's. Finally, what value do alphanumeric grades even have when it is difficult to regulate academic integrity from a take home exam environment?
  6. That's very unfortunate considering those with mandatory pass/fail can now just relax and basically pass the course with a D while the rest of us at optional pass/fail schools are pressured to take grades. Pretty shocking that employers would think negatively of a 2L student with a B+ avg who has 1 semester pass/failed.
  7. Yea, but who would look that deeply into it. I bet most employers just look at the overall GPA value on applications. Plus, almost half the schools in the country are mandatory pass/fail, so if they did look deeply at transcripts, there would be lots of candidates with a missing semester of grades.
  8. Does choosing pass/fail this semester due to everything that's going on hurt 2L's (in comparison to those who choose alphanumeric grades) in the articling recruit if they are at a school that chose optional pass/fail?
  9. Hi all, Just wanted to get your opinion's on the blanket pass/fail option we have for 2L/3L's as we are not lucky as other schools with the manadatory pass/fail system. Do you guys think that choosing pass/fail is potentially prejudicial to 2L's for the upcoming articling recruit in comparison to someone who has grades on their transcript for this winter semester?
  10. Are you sure they do 2nd interviews? I thought it was just a finalists dinner
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