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  1. My question was if they would "dock points" for name dropping a person that forgot about you because I did not have coffee chats with everyone afterwards. I submitted a few apps with name drops of people that do not remember me so I am a bit anxious if I should continue it . The UofT cover letter samples all seem to name drop; of course I am not sure the context for them if they knew those people well enough. The Fasken sample name drop too
  2. To be honest, I just have not had a chance to be involved in this sector, like nothing on my resume screams I have experience in labour. Coming from tech the closest I can get to employment is an internship I once did that gave me a stronger understanding of the commercial side of a major tech company and in turn labor, but I am open to trying out and experiencing this area as it seems interesting but I am not sure if employers would take a student because the student wants to try this area when there are more dediated students out there that can show it right away
  3. Put yourself in my shoes... I have 70K (35K per year) of payments to make where I may not have a job thanks to screwing up 1L . It was really disheartening to hear from my peers I did not stand a chance and that's why I posted on here.
  4. The friend who read my cover+resume told me to not apply I did not stand a chance. I have not really worked in tech before but I do have a tech offer to go into tech but I really enjoyed corporate law this summer. The more I stay in law school the more i think it is like AI operated computers. at Uoft the casebook worker summer job was literally just an excel doc of the highest to lowest grade and they picked the top 6 unless like all 6 were business background they would want some diversity in that. How do you get a sense of "this personality" when meeting someone in person. Clearly in person coffee chats convos like this would not emerge
  5. Thank you, but I wanted to add a thing about these "trivialites". I personally think it is trivial but in the recruiting process everyone is saying do not make a typo or you are "out". Even a non Big Law 1L summer recruiter for the school's hiring said you make one typo " I am sorry I do not have time for you". That's why I am really worried for not realizing I used American English for the apps I submitted. How do you read it as a lawyer when you see someone making a typo or using the "wrong" English? Like I know these might be little things but every recruiter I have talked to have said you make a typo you are done that's why I think it is a big issue and not a "little" thing. Same with cover letter length, I get so many different views on it, my CDO think sthe lenght is alright , my peers think it should be 400 words another peer think it should be under 300 words I just do not know anymore so now what length do I go with for word count and then someone else says as long as its 1 page with reasonable margins etc it's fine.
  6. To ask a followup, do you think there's a chance a firm won't notice? When they read resumes/cover letters are they lookig for mistakes because I noticed I have an inconsistency with using "and" and "&" and I remember a faculty hiring talk the person said if she sees a single typo " I am sorry but I do not have time for you"
  7. Would you recommend I do it for all firms and be opening up articles on their sites to check? That's like 40 firms to check or do you think most firms have no preference? I do not want it to land in the HR person who happens to be like my prof and sees like "favor" and goes 'lacks attention to detail, typo' and removes my app
  8. My prof told me she was tempted to take off style points on my memos for using Americna english but that i was not on the margin of getting a different P, H, HH for that to make a difference but she told me as a warning to never do it again I think I am consistent, my confusion is made worse by the fact that I used Fasken again as an example and they use both "analyse" and "Analyse" on their website that I am so confused on what is there pference to show I did my research on their firm well that I know their style guide
  9. There was a professor that I had that was not nice and another that was unwilling to talk to me , there are many fair weather friends and a friend that pretended to be my friend. I do not want to dwell more in case it breaks my anonymity by giving the specific examples. What do you do to feel happy here and please do not say jobs because people from our school have told me to not even apply because I am out of the runing pre-oci and that caused me to almost not apply last night.
  10. This isn't helping, can you please just not troll and answer my question. The apps are due tomorrow, no time for any of that and I some apps were turned in with the typo that may have gotten me rejected already
  11. Why do I need an explanation to UofT law to leave? It's not like I have bondage with them that forces me to legally stay with them and plus they have not been helpful with me. What is with the print out for the lawstudents.ca? If I do leave I am leaving fully and not a transfer for 2L to elsewhere
  12. I looked my rejected 1L app and I made the same mistake with spelling. IS there a rule around here regarding it? I grew up in the States so without a conscious reminder I veer into using the wrong spelling
  13. 1) Got it 2) True but the very least less stress if I would have gotten a P anyways , does not matter i you were the 46th highest or the 90th highest in the class you are still a P student that "passed" the course. But less time spent on one class for anotehr class will likley lead to a higher grade in the latter because your competition pool is going all out on that one class that to get a HH you need to go all out too
  14. Not my top choice but I wanted to apply in case I do not get anything else. Does that change your answer?
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