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  1. In my defence, I know people who read my questions at my school and have the same questions.
  2. @Diplock. I have calmed down and have relaxed and taken your advice, I will after tomorrow when recruit is over
  3. Is it just me is it normal at stage in your life to feel like your entire career path is getting mapped out and if I do not get it now and get my desired choice out of OCI my path is almost impossible? Do other students on here feel this way? How do I get over this sense that my paths are not all shut beyond just knowing they arn't shut. I know the doors are not shut and your path is not fully set yet but I at the same time feel it and it makes me feel less good I am relaxed right now, I am at peace
  4. What happened to the student, why were they not offered in the end? Was it because other partners did not like the person?
  5. I just want to enjoy school for a while too. like have fun like others
  6. Sounds miserable. I Sounds miserable to still be search mode and enver being able to really enjoy law school Law school seems to me to be about job searches for the majority of the time
  7. Can you just speak a bit more to what other opportunities you are referring to? Would the path to OCI jobs be even harder if we were unsuccesful in artciling recruit, which may be even harder than OCI recruit.
  8. You are saying maybe if I had a different interviewer in my first round my fortunes may have changed because of what could have been talked about to someone else or someone else is more eager to vouch for students? OH okay, it's because I noticed at an in-firm one lawyer had nothing annotated but another had my app printed out and was annotated so I was wondering if at the student committee they look through all your materials again Does your last remark even apply to the firms that rejected me on monday and tuesday after lunch?
  9. Have people ever canceled an OCI job they got? If so what happens?
  10. What if we fail the articling recruit too then?
  11. I keep getting rejected, including the lunch one I was asking about. I have made peace in the sense yeah sucks and I am done but have not made peace in accepting it like I see a really rough path ahead. But my concern is the path to the OCI jobs and not the other ventures in law and I think that is what is causing me to not be at peace. Maybe more paths to come or not, and then on the top of my head in the future I am thinknig will this job lead me to a full service venture or not
  12. Did your written app still play a role in decieding who gets call back after your first in-firm? Thinking if I need to change my written app
  13. I am not trying to disagree with you as that may have been my downfall but almost none of the questions asked to me by the firms that didnt like me enough for a second round were questions I prepared for or got asked in mocks beyond like what is your favorite law class, tell me about yourself. I don't know. I thought at one firm all my interviews went well, it had energy, natural convo but I guess not. Another firm I agree there was less conversation in one round but idk it seemed the interviewers did not have much questions for me
  14. I know to relax but are interviews, receptions, dinners etc at these firms still conversational or are they more substantive? Is it same cover letter/resume would do the trick for them? I did get some OCIs so my written app was not way off.
  15. If I understand you correctly, WF and Blaney go ahead and apply but not others just yet and wait for the new year. Do they do this recruit to like 2-3 in-firms, lunches, dinners? What are these interesting stuff you are referring to?
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