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  1. Hey, have any incoming 1Lers received a list of required textbooks for any classes?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm getting ready for law school applications and I'm wondering if anybody has any advice on if I should apply as a regular or mature student. I received my B.A. (Hons) in 2013 and I've been working in the legal field as a clerk for the past 5 years. Throughout those 5 years I have progressed via promotions, etc. in my field. My stats are as follows: cGPA: 3.36 / L2/B2: 3.53 / LSAT: scheduled for this November / ECs: average at best / Work experience: relevant, although I realize it's not a strong factor at all / Age: under 30 / Note: I plan to apply broadly across the country with a focus in Ontario and Eastern Canada where my family is located. As mentioned above, I will qualify as a mature student but I understand that this category is still considered quite competitive and, judging by a number of other posts, most accepted mature students have accomplished work/volunteer backgrounds. Should I apply as a regular student? Unfortunately since applications are due Nov. 1 and I don't write the LSAT until late November, I think I'll have to choose which to apply as before I write the test. My GPA is extremely borderline but it's not yet "written-off", so to speak, as long as I score a great LSAT. Will law schools look unfavourably at the fact that an individual applying as a "regular" student has been out of school for 5+ years and thus should instead have applied as a mature student? Maybe I'm overthinking it. I'm confident that I can obtain an academic reference if I apply as a regular, but it would be much easier to obtain glowing non-academic ones if I apply as a mature student because of bosses in my field, etc. Lastly, is it possible to apply to some schools as a regular student and others as a mature student in the same admission cycle? Thanks everyone - I'm new to this, so any advice is greatly appreciated!
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