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  1. I would echo everybody here - if you want to stay out west USask is likely a better bet. If you're hoping to end up in Ontario, go to Windsor.
  2. I assume you've heard this a ton before but if you're deciding between the two I would definitely be thinking about where you'd like to be post grad - both are great schools but if you're planning on staying out east/in BC it's probably pretty worth attending the school in that area - it would be a lot easier than bringing a Dalhousie degree west or vice versa. Just what I've heard!
  3. https://www.tutoringlsat.com/ does good work over Skype. Ask for Jackson. ;)
  4. Closer to 2 years via 5 co-ops + this summer post-grad, hopefully one more full year by the time I start next September.
  5. I believe my L2 is 2.96, not sure about B2. Yeah, I figured as much but was hoping to hear some success stories or what have you. I have some decent work experience but likely nothing spectacular. Guess we shall see!
  6. Anybody have experience with U of T as a pretty heavy splitter? Applying elsewhere but hopeful about U of T due to my B3 being better than my cGPA. B3: 3.26 LSAT 173 Interested in hearing anybody's thoughts/experiences.
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