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  1. I mean.. yeah But I was really just looking for anecdotes. Some of these answers actually made me come up with a not so bleak plan.
  2. I have about 70k in debt (2 undergraduate degrees and a masters). I'm also in my mid 30's. I currently make around 75k/year in my job. Realistically, by the time I start working as an associate I will be 38/39. The only way I can conceivably pay for school is with more loans. So I'm estimating another 70k for all 3 years (tuition + living expenses). I'll be 40 years old and paying off my debts (roughly 140k) for at least 10-20 years. So I'll finally start profiting when I'm 60? Obviously this makes 0 financial sense. I can't imagine I'd be happy living life with that amount of stress. So I guess my question is, is it possible to do law school in Canada in a way for me to not end up with life-long debt?
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