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  1. My official final grades have yet to be released by my school...
  2. I'm sure you all recieved the e-mail telling all applicants to send in their updated fall grades ASAP. Does this also apply to students who have already been given offers of admission?
  3. I keep checking this forum, and I see no activity at all no regards to acceptances. Has anyone got one yet? When should we expect to hear from Queens?
  4. I would go visit Londnn. I haven't spent too much time there, but it seems to be a nice place.With that being said, there appears to be a huge issue with opioids there, which was a bit off-putting. However, it could have just been the area I was in.
  5. I'm in! Saw the offer on OSLAS LSAT:161 CGPA:3.61 L2:3.77
  6. I just checked to see when my LSAT score was requested from the Universities. All of the schools were sent LSAT scores, but Ryerson was sent Credential Assembly report. Should I be concerned? Who should I contact?
  7. That's good to hear. What about Ryerson/Lakehead? Are they unpredictable like Windsor?
  8. I don't want a pity party. Genuine question.
  9. It is. I think they started releasing them a couple days ago.
  10. Hey everyone, I just got my OSLAS GPA. GPA is a 3.61 LSAT 161 L2 3.77 What are my chances? I applied everywhere but U Ottowa..
  11. I wonder the same thing.. I just realized my overall gpa is 3.61, but my L2 is 3.77... Now im super stressed
  12. Or will you receive acceptances/rejections via mail?
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