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  1. Then what is the issue with LSAC? It says on LSAC that it has my LSAT score to all the universities individually...
  2. I had to pay an extra fee on LSAC for a report to be sent to Ryerson. I paid for the report, however, my information is still not being send in. LSAC now tells me that I must submit my application manually to the school. This doesn't make any sense. Has anyone experienced this before? I contacted LSAC, but given how busy they are I doubt I will hear back for a few days.
  3. I recieved an e-mail from LSAC today telling me that I need to pay for a law school report for my Ryerson application. LSAC sent my LSAT into all of my other choices, but for some reason it did not do so for Ryerson. How do I pay for another Law school report?
  4. Meaning they can be submitted at 4pm on Nov 1st?
  5. I was a bit confused about the November 1st deadline. Does the Nov.1st deadline mean that our applications must be submitted BY November 1st, or can they be submitted ON November 1st?
  6. My fiancee is teaching me Punjabi. Could I get by including that? I think it is worth mentioning. Or would I be best off not using her as a verifier?
  7. Hey, I am currently working on my sketch, and only have about 13 items. I only included my jobs, volunteer work and awards. However, I was wondering f I should also include my hobbies. I am self teaching myself a foreign language, and I am learning the violin and drums. Are these worth including in my sketch? If so, who can I use as a verifier? A family member? (Also, who do I use as a verifier for academic awards?)
  8. Hey, I was thinking of applying to Law school last year, however I decided to do a Masters degree and apply for 2020 instead. Today I thought it would be a good idea to start my application for Fall 2020. However, OSLAS is only allowing me to apply for Fall 2019. Does anyone know when Fall 2020 applications open?
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