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  1. My application has been processed. I've not recieved an estimate yet
  2. I applied back in May and OSAP says it has recieved all the required information, but I have yet to recieved any information on funding. Is anyone else in the same boat?
  3. No, that's the right payee. I submitted my deposit to that account and the Student portal indicates that it has been received.
  4. A diagnostic test is really useful. It will show you what to focus on. My first diagnostic test showed that I was very good at RC, but absolute trash at LG. This is really useful information to have when beginning to study.
  5. We have a user here who is a professor. They mentioned that they have heard many universities are leaning towards online classes. @jatthopefullawyer Im going to Western and I'm not looking for anything at this point either. Even if classes do continue on campus, I'm sure we will find something.
  6. Rejected today 161 LSAT, 3.6 cGPA, 3.77 L2
  7. I was in the same situation. I'm interested in pursuing a career as a crown attorney. I ended up going with Western due to it's location alone. If I were you, I would explore each school's clinic offerings, profs and course offerings. I would also do some research on both London and Kingston to see which one you prefer.
  8. Consider taking Philosophy, It would be a tremendous help for the LSAT. I've heard that "Pre-law" degrees like Crim and Law and Society are among the worst possible choices for an undergrad degree. http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/arts/departments/philosophy/media/Average_LSAT_Scores_by_Major.pdf
  9. As someone living in very rural Ontario, this is a huge worry for me. I cant even manage to get through a single one hour zoom meeting without losing my connection multiple times.
  10. I am in full panic mode. Trying to finish my MA at while at my parents house is already awful enough. I cannot imagine doing the same in law school. If they do end up going online, I pray the keep Pass/fail grade system. This would destroy my ability to learn
  11. Rejected tonight! LSAT:161 Cgpa:3.61 L2:3.77
  12. In, will be declining. LSAT:161 cGPA:3.61 L2: 3.77
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