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  1. Thanks for the advice. Yeah I was worried about the word limit as it would really restrict what I would want/need to say in order for it to be a robust statement.
  2. for obvious reasons I created a throwaway account for this question. My question concerns what I should choose to write my personal statement on. Essentially I want advice on whether it is a good idea write about how I was accused of committing a pretty serious crime despite being completely innocent and how this made me realize that the career I want to practice is that of criminal defence. The whole experience made me realize that completely innocent people can find themselves faced with accusations that are entirely untrue and I now know that I want to be able to ensure that such people never suffer consequences for things they did not do. I realize, and fully accept, that not all clients that a criminal defence attorney represents are innocent and know that I will represent each and every client as if they are innocent. However, as long as it is possible that one other person finds themselves in a situation similar to what I experienced I know that I want to be able to help them and that is why I want to go into law. The downsides of including this in my statement as far as I see are as follows: it could scare off admissions staff, I would likely have to provide the details in the statement which could a.) take up a significant amount of space and b.) run the risk of me being misbelieved and my application denied. Finally it could also potentially create issues in the future in regard to my character fitness requirement for the bar, although I’m not sure whether dismissed allegations would be relevant to that. Any help is immensely appreciated. Thanks for taking the time for reading this for those who did
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