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  1. Thanks to everyone who replied with useful comments , I really appreciate it . Btw I don't have good stats and most likely won't be able to do my JD in Canada which is fine and I know it , and YES this system is unfair not because they don't let me study law lol I've seen so many smart and talented students who couldn't get into their program of choice and they had to move somewhere else , I have my reasons behind what I say .. I posted here so that I can hear your opinions but whenever someone writes something controversial everyone's focusing on that instead of the actual question/topic !! btw somebody wrote that your english is not good or sth like that , just letting you know I was born and raised here 😃 Goodluck
  2. its interesting how everyone's attention is on this sentence that this system is not fair ! yes its not fair and yes I admitted that I didn't tried that hard and things happened along the way that I couldn't control , family , health and other things , I've seen so many people with absolutely amazing stats but couldn't get into medicine or dentistry and they ended up in US same for law . I'm not saying that I can't get into Canadian JD and its system's problem NO !! but they tend to get those with A+ in everything , which in fact I believe that many students have the capabilities to get into Law school and become a great lawyer but since they have average stats they most likely will be rejected from everywhere except Windsor lets say !!
  3. wow good for you😁 .. and yes there are all these what ifs that makes it harder , like what if I go for LLB and get done with 5 exams then bar and we are good to go .. you know .. its so hard and tricky
  4. The thing is I don't want to move to US right now , also I think thats its not worth it to spend almost $170K for a JD that is not from a top school , if I had an admission from UCLA or USC or any of the UCs , I would definitely go for it but I would rather become certified in Ontario in the next 4 years and I'll have the option of LLM and and bar exam later on for US .. honestly its a hard decision considering the fact that my gpa is average and I don't have much hope for Canada , hope I can get into Windsor
  5. Everyone knows how Canadian schools are , especially for medicine , dentistry and law . They don't want everybody to get in and take over the market and $$$ , so what they do is they want you to be 100% in every aspect , like school , work , extra curricular activities and so on AND they consider less than %10 of applicants that are not 3.5+ GPA , obviously what ever I go through right now its my fault , I should've studied harder in my undergrad .. but other than my side its the nature of this country and their education/work system that is connection based in most cases ( High paid jobs ) and certain people with certain backgrounds can take over on these high demand degrees/jobs which everyone knows but they pretend it doesn't exist anyways thank you so much , I'll work on other parts of my application and try to do really well on the LSAT too and we'll see how it goes
  6. Thank you so much 😊 I would definitely consider that to boost up my GPA
  7. Thank you so much , honestly I don't want to waste 2 years and do masters but I'll spend more time to study for lsat and score as high as I can .
  8. Nope . This is what i chose and I'm gonna be working on it for now
  9. I'll definitely try my best to get 160+ on LSAT and apply for pretty much all Canadian schools except UofT & McGill , I mean Canadian schools are the best option for me but since my GPA isn't that great I can predict that chances of getting into Canadian JD programs are pretty low , since I'm planning to move to US in the next couple years I'll do my LLM and licensing examinations/Bar in whatever state I'll move to . No I found ABA approved schools and chose them but they're not top US schools , thank you so much for replying
  10. Hi everyone , I decided to join this forum so that I can share what my journey is and you guys might be able to help me with . I've done tons and toooons of research so I know that the job market in US is not that great unless you attend T-14 schools and securing good positions , Canadian schools are super competitive and hard to get into and UK LLB yes is its easier thats why a lot of people go there lol So a little bit about me , I did Psychology Hons at York University , graduated with B gpa ( 3.0 /4 ) , took LSAT once scored 155 , but I'm retaking it again . I know that my GPA is not good for Canadian schools except Windsor (little chance ) so I decided to apply for US JD programs at Tier 3 schools + apply for UK schools , I'm planning to eventually move to US and practice there in the next 6 7 years ( I want to move out of Toronto for many reasons ) but if I attend US schools costs more and my permanent residency status is not clear unless a law firm hires me and sponsors me for visa-> greencard which I've heard that if its not BigLaw firms most likely they won't sponsor you so that I end up with lots of student debts and looking for firms to hire me forever . What I heard is that if you don't attend Top 20 -30 US law schools you'll have hard time finding a job with good $$$ , so the other option is UK LLB , finish it , pass NCA -> Ontario bar - > article -> finally getting a job , obviously I might not be able to be as lucky as Canadian JD graduates , and I'll have hard time getting a job in Ontario too but its not impossible either so here are the questions : 1- Is it better if I attend US Tier 3 schools , pass the bar of that state , looking for 1000 firms to hire & sponsor me 😬? I'm interested in California , which has so many of law schools (both ABA and Non-ABA approved ) but those that I have in mind are Chapman , California western , University of San Diego & Southwestern - If I'm lucky enough maybe I can transfer to one of the UCs * I'm Iranian - Canadian ( I have a Canadian Passport ) , so getting a green card its even harder than ever for Iranians who want to study and practice in US thanks to Trump ! or 2- Should I choose UK LLB , move back to Canada , pass NCA & Bar , and practicing in Canada for a while and apply for LLM in US and having hopes to eventually end up there which is more cheaper than the other option ! *** BTW is it really that hard to get a job in US firms if you don't attend " Prestigious" schools or top 50 schools ? I might not be as great as a typical JD applicant but it doesn't mean I don't have the capabilities of becoming a lawyer , thats what Canada does and they'll be like you're not 3.8 gpa and 160+ LSAT , so you can't study law 🙄 Anyways I really want to hear what you guys think about this situation that I'm in it right now , and which one you would choose . Thanks in advance :)
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