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  1. Has enrollment for courses started yet and if so where do we do it?
  2. I'm trying to send my final transcripts to OLSAS with the degree conferred which are due on June 30th. I have an offer and already accepted but we got an email to do this. I was an undergrad at UOFT and we graduated June 2. I think I'll be able to submit it tomorrow. I was wondering how long would it take for OLSAS to receive it if I submit tomorrow?
  3. This is late but I just found out I got a scholarship from Mcgill (about 2000 dollars) but on Olsas I picked UOFT. The deadline to cancel and change my decision is tomorrow. I was set on Uoft but the Mcgill scholarship would look good and it is less expensive but again I'm too confident in my french and I don't really want to practice in Montreal honestly.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if there are any merit based scholarships that first year law students at UOFT can apply for. My dad asked me to look into this since UOFT is official choice.
  5. I just RSVP'd my attendance today. If it's cancelled will those who RSVP'd still have the deadline extension? Also if you RSVP'd did you get a notification that you were placed on the list. I'm not sure if my RSVP went through at it's Saturday and I think the law school office hours are closed for the week-end.
  6. I'm not sure if I have the time to go to UBC though in the near future. Is there a way to contact current law students say via phone?
  7. Thanks your answer is the one that captures most of my thoughts on the matter. Also to clarify by doing more I mean having events like Black Lawyers panel to support black students like Uoft does. I realize changing demographic wasn't the best sentnece to use.
  8. That is an area of interest for me, but Uoft looks like its taking initiatives to change its demographic which appeals to me. Is UBC doing anything? Uoft had a Black Lawyer conference this weekend with multiple speakers and students who I got to chat with.
  9. What has UCB done in terms of making the campus more accessible and welcoming to black students? Do they work in accordance with Black Future Lawyers?
  10. Just as a note cost isn't too much of an issue for me as where my mom works covers 75 percent of tuition.
  11. So I've narrowed down my choices of law schools to either Uoft and UBC. I attended a conference for Uoft law this weekend and it really appealed to me as I saw how Uoft was trying to be more inclusive about the issue black law students face. I also talked with some people who study international law there currently(that is what I'm interested in) and the kind of work they were able to do such as going-abroad and internships in groups like the UN. So I got a good overview of Uoft and it appealed to me. For students at UBC or who chose it what about UBC appealed you over other schools and made you choose it? I want to be as informed as possible before making my choice.
  12. I'm living in Canada and studying there and only applied to them.
  13. I just found out that I also got into UBC as well which is as big as a contender for me as Uoft. What do you mean?
  14. What do you mean? I feel that being close to the SCC and being able to work with people there would be a chance for my work and studies in law to have an impact on issues like international law and civil rights law based on what people have told me.
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