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  1. Curious because I thought law schools in canada only looked at grades of first undergrad degree, not 2nd etc.
  2. are you sure? 3.5 gpa in Eng, plus OP has 167 and 3 years of Law exp, still that low?
  3. don't law schools only take first undergrad gpa?
  4. random would give them a bad image, as it would seem like lottery, which wouldn't be 'fair' as its upto chance not something like qualities or achievements one has.
  5. I also think they would only consider GPA of your first degree, not the second.
  6. Also, how are you confident UofT rejects people with 170s often? Would those be splitters with high lsats but low gpa?
  7. i find it hard to believe why Humanites would be easier to get higher GPAs versus STEM, like biology and math, where thru enough practice and memorization, one can ace multiple choice questions and short answers, whereas Essays are graded subjectively and much harder to get 90+ on.
  8. correction : they look at Best three undergrad years.
  9. should probably update your thread, if you're leaning towards Osgoode now instead, even though you're still deciding
  10. they sourced the uoft article that they got the data from in 2nd or so comment.
  11. Isn't it possible to just call Admissions and ask them directly?
  12. The yield rate from 2016-2018 is around 60% based on:
  13. They sent out +300 offers in past 4 years (excluding 2019) wow. Where did you get these stats?
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