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  1. Congrats all! When did your applications become complete?
  2. That's comforting to know I'm not alone! Since it seems that they're maybe busy, I'll hold off until next week to give them a call. Thanks!
  3. I may be in the minority here but I would cancel since your application won't be assessed until the Jan mark comes out. If it were me and I was not feeling confident with it, I'd be mad at myself for making my application complete so late in the cycle.
  4. My Nov LSAT and fall grades (submitted Dec 23) have yet to be received/updated on the portal... I'm assuming they're busy trying to get everyone processed but I'm mainly worried about the LSAT mark. It says it was "Received - Pending download" Nov 25th, even though the scores didn't come out till Dec 19th! Is anyone else who took the Nov exam or submitted their fall grades also still pending?
  5. Mine's already been updated on my LSAC portal that I'm taking it Dec 8th, 12:30pm at MacEwean! I'd check yours!
  6. They don't accept unofficial transcripts. You submit your official transcript to their address: Law Admissions, MFH 2380University of Calgary2500 University Drive NWCalgary, AB T2N 1N4
  7. Have you guys been able to get into contact with LSAC? I want to make sure we actually get the Dec 8 test and we are not supposed to take it today since on my ticket it says I cannot withdraw and that I'm taking it still at MacEwean
  8. Your GPA is pretty solid, you should be good. U of A sends acceptances all the way till June.
  9. Hmm how long ago did you apply? I applied back in September, and received a link to create a profile for mytru.tru.ca about a week later, and all my updates are on that website!
  10. Mine say received with the date that it was received on my application page!
  11. I'm stressing about how my semester is going, and would appreciate some feedback on my worst case scenario stats. While I already know I should be focused on getting the best possible grade possible, it would be helpful to know my shot if all goes south! L2 if all goes well: 3.7 / L2 if s**t hits the fan: 3.665 LSAT: 148, 151, 160 Extensive ECs such as volunteering, executive positions, leadership, and awards throughout my four years. Strong reference letters from professors who have known me all 4 years of my degree. What do you guys think? Is there a shot? I applied Sep but won't be hearing back until this fall term grades are submitted.
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