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  1. My final transcript was sent from my institution on May 11th and it has yet to be received. I'd imagine COVID has something to do with it but seems like it is a much slower cycle...
  2. I’d assume everyone left on the waitlist would have gotten it?
  3. This blows my mind considering public schools are opening back up on Monday...
  4. Same here. It’s an easy enough drive to go if any events were to happen, but I can’t seem to justify spending the rent when we live close enough and don’t have to be on campus
  5. No problem! No hard feelings as it was at the bottom of my list (whole family is on the west coast). I applied in early October! I calculated my CGPA with drops to be around that but I might have done it wrong. I didn't pay much attention!
  6. This link is fantastic! Thank you so much
  7. Honoured to be the first poster! Received an email at 3:10am (PST) that there had been updates made to my account. GPA: 3.63 (Unconfirmed). LSAT: 157 (last/best of three). Subjectively strong EC's and reference letters but no connection to the East.
  8. Wow! Thank you all for the (mostly) useful advice! I truly appreciate it! I ask so early because it is my understanding if one is interested in pursuing their LLM, they require publications and the right connections with professors? I am interested in pursuing elder law, with a specific passion for protecting/advocating against elder abuse. I have looked through the class lists at most of the Canadian law school classes and found minimal offered on the topic (minus the clinic at Queens)! As of right now, I am extremely motivated to go through the years of academia (doing research on the topic) and becoming an educator to others on the topic! The ultimate goal would be to educate the future group of lawyers and start a broader conversation on ageism. If that helps with any future advice, I'd love to hear it!
  9. I was wondering if anyone on here (or if anyone knows of anyone who) has pursued law school knowing they want to go into academia, and successfully became a law professor? Any regrets? Did you go straight into an LLM and PhD after your JD? Any information would be useful!
  10. I spent my four years of undergrad at a uni that had everything you'd need accessible by transit and Uber, so I saved my money and opt-ed out of a car. Now that I'm moving to a new city, I'm wondering if anyone would recommend against having a car in Kamloops?
  11. Read somewhere online that its 115, will try to find the source for you!
  12. A lot of the posts I've read eluded to preferring non-law students as roommates since it felt like they were constantly at school, even when they went home since the law roommate would mainly talk about school related stuff. Upside would be you have a roommate who understands what you are going through! Looking for some more input
  13. I tried finding some input through the older forums but they're a bit old and I'd like some fresh perspectives! The money saving aspect of it is very appealing but I'm not sure if it's worth one's sanity...
  14. Also on the U of C waitlist since mid Feb. Seems like they're going through the waitlist batch and accepting the higher scored applicants currently, and will (probably) move down the list as the spots open up (despite saying they have no ranking - those recently accepted are all very strong candidates)! Hoping those not interested in U of C anymore get back to them soon and you hear from them! Best of luck!
  15. Once you email Leanna back committing your spot, it changes to "applicant acceptance"!
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