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  1. That makes more sense. Thank you!
  2. I'm taking the Sept LSAT. Should I apply Oct 1st when the application opens or should I wait until Oct 14th when my LSAT score is released? My GPA is 3.67.
  3. And they're still closing on Nov 1???
  4. Okay thanks. Should I add my language barrier too? I'm from Quebec so I'm used to all french. It was a struggle trying to do everything in English
  5. I moved away from home for university, had a quarter life crisis with a suicide attempt, decided I didn't like my major because I failed one of the required courses so I tried transferring into another program, brother ended up arrested and in prison for a little bit, 4 close family members passed away (2 from overdoses), took about a year to recompose myself and realize the path I wanted to take was the same as always and that I was mainly scared. Long story short, my mental health and my confidence was shot. I went from being one of the smartest in my school (valedictorian, president of multiple clubs, 97% average), to doing poorly in school. While I realize this might be a common reality shock for some, I wasn't expecting it and I did not handle it very well. Even in the fall of Year 3 I was still trying to re-build myself. I'd like to think of myself as a very upbeat and happy person and I know I will be able to help so many people as a lawyer, but I'm just scared that my past mistakes will overpower all the accomplishments I've made in the past year (Deans list, president of a department association, working part time, volunteering 10 hours a week, part of 4 different clubs, VP for two of the clubs).
  6. I went through hell and back from year 1-fall of year 3 which resulted in some pretty bad grades (Year 1- 2.4, year 2 - 1.7, year 3 fall - 3.38). While my last 60 credits will be around a 3.67 average, would it be beneficial to explain in my personal statement why I did so bad those years? Or do people not add that in?
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