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  1. Received interviews from Osler (last week), BLG and S&B this morning.
  2. Thank you everyone for the responses! Ottawa is obviously number 1 for me for many reasons, so it's nice to know that I wasn't being irrational in giving up a more "prestigious" school like Osgoode.
  3. I have been accepted to Queens, UOttawa and Osgoode. I have a BSc. and MSc. from UOttawa and ideally would like to work in Ottawa after law school. My partner also lives here, so financially speaking, Ottawa makes the most sense for me. I am interested in practicing in Health or IP law , so their Health Law option is appealing to me. However, many people are telling me that I shouldn't give up Osgoode for convenience here in Ottawa. So I'm wondering, is Osgoode worth the money? Will having Osgoode on my resume really give me a clear leg up for finding jobs afterwards? Also, will having three degrees from the same uni look bad? Curious what other people have to say. Thanks!
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