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  1. Hey guys, How accurate is the predict o matic calculator? Anyone put their stats in and actually end up getting acceptances from the schools where they had a “high” to a “very high chance?” weird question I know but it’ll be cool to know if it’s accurate (I’m aware it says at the bottom that it doesn’t mean you’ll get in, there are obviously other facts to consider)
  2. looking at last years thread, osgoode offers began November 15th. That's so early, does anyone have any idea if it'll be the same this year?
  3. I’m pretty sure you’ll get in at least at Ottawa so dw too much
  4. The trash? If they feel that someone’s not actually access wouldn’t they just throw away the access app
  5. How are you guys dealing with the post-application anxiety? I’m freaking out everyday lol
  6. If you’re currently in fourth year, will your grades count towards getting an acceptance? Or is it mainly the three years that are done?
  7. I’ve always been astounded by this. Do people with the rights stats get rejected too? Or are a lot of people with lower stats applying such as below 160 LSAT and below 3.5 gpas and that’s why the rejection rate is so high. I find it hard to believe someone with a stellar lsat and gpa can get rejected.
  8. And is work experience necessary ?
  9. I have some ECs, not sure if they’re good though; -Founding president of a club -volunteering for a year (correctional services) -primary and tertiary author for two research’s papers with a doctor -BUT I don’t have any proper work experience like I’ve worked but I would not count it as a notable experience since it’s always been for 2-3 months at a time any advice (you can find my stats in an older post) on how to improve if there is need for improving I’m not sure what stellar ecs look like
  10. Slow and steady wins the race (when it comes to studying)
  11. Ya I was expecting that but most firms make the receptionist do all that work in the first place and don’t need volunteers.
  12. That’s the only reason why I’m doing it since i already have volunteer hours done in hospitals.
  13. To find out what a day in the life at a firm is like.
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