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  1. @astrath, thank you for your kind reply, would you be willing to share what law school you applied to? also I do wish I could take the lsat earlier however due to some family circumstances I can only take the January one 😕 do you think this would affect my admissions?
  2. Hello, just a really broke undergrad student hit with osap cuts + deregulated fees. I was wondering if there are ANY law schools in Ontario that I can apply in the beginning of my third year? So due to my financial constraints (we *love* the new osap ), it would make a great difference if I can attend law school a year earlier. I dont want to burden my parents further- they're already doing a lot for me to afford my post secondary education, and attending law school would mean that I would be able to obtain a line of credit to support myself. I currently have a 3.78 gpa (1st and 2nd year combined) and will be writing the LSAT on January 2020 (which seems to be the last LSAT testing dates generally accepted by all Ontario schools). I currently PT at 163-65 range but I hope to raise this further (I know that my real LSAT scores may be different!). I am curious if applying at the beginning of my 3rd year would be possible, especially pertaining to Western law. Western law website says: "A competitive candidate in the General Category will have completed a minimum of three years of undergraduate university study, (although most of our admitted students have completed a four-year degree), have an A- (82-84%) (GPA 3.7) average preferably overall, but particularly for the last two full years of study, and an LSAT score above the 80th percentile (160 or above)." If I apply in the beginning of 3rd year, I will have 3 years of undergrad under my belt as of April 2020. Does this mean I will be eligible to apply in my 2nd year? Are there other schools (hopefully in Ontario but I'd love to hear other options as well) that accept applications as a 3rd year student? Thank you in advance!! xo
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