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  1. Hi folks, I'm entering my final year of my undergrad, and I'm seriously interested in entering a law program, however, I'm extremely concerned about my fairly low CGPA (2.8/4). This is primarily the result of struggling with ADHD and depression over the last 4 years (I have documentation for both). On the brightside, I do a few extra-curricular achievements (various club exec positions, organizational roles, competitive success). The law schools I'm primarily considering are UOttawa, Queens, Western, and UofC. My questions are as follows: 1) Assuming I do well this year, should I consider picking up an additional year of full-time to better CGPA? 2) How well would I need to do on my LSATs in order to give me a realistic chance of getting in to a law program? 3) Should I consider applying as an Access student? I'm very anxious about this is entire process so any and all help is much appreciated! Thanks!
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