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  1. I have this great opportunity to work up to 5 hours every Saturday on local radio (usually 2-3 hours), but I'm starting 1L next month. I can build a lot of ties in the community which will be very useful to me as a lawyer. It's not a demanding or stressful job. Does anyone have any experience holding a job while in law school ? Thoughts on managing 5 hours a week while in school...
  2. Banks automatically do that when you miss minimum payments on your credit card multiple times. Usually branch managers can request to put the limit back to what it was as long as you set up automatic min. payments to come our of your bank account. That way you don't miss any payments.
  3. Do you know if UofA is one of those schools ?
  4. Prime rate is standard for law school PSLOC. If you get better definitely take it. Some banks offer interest only payments while in school (RBC) others offer no min. payment while in school (Scotiabank). Interest accrues and gets added to the balance monthly. Not sure about the other banks. Typical limit is 125,000. I know Scotia does 135,000. You get around 42K in year 1, same in year 2 and the rest in year 3. Usually after your articling year, you get 1 year of interest payments then it turns into a 10 year loan at the same rate.
  5. Have them email the documents to your local branch. You can go in with your ID and sign there. I did this numerous times with my clients.
  6. Hey I work there. Usually it's 41,800 first year, same amount second year and the rest are in year 3., unless otherwise specified by the bank. You have to send them proof of enrollment each year to advance the new limit.
  7. Prime-0.25 is usually for medial and dental schools not JD. Also, do you have to make minimum interest payments during school with RBC? I applied through Scotia and it's no minimum payment, interest still accrues and gets added to the balance. It's a bit scary that it can snowball.
  8. Usually this goes through small business advisors at banks. Have your advisor refer you to one.
  9. I got accepted at UofC and I have until March 31 to confirm. UofA is my first choice and I'm still waiting for a response. Do you think it's a good idea to email UofA admissions telling them that? Would it help in getting accepted faster at UofA or would that backfire?
  10. Just got the email today. 159 LSAT, 3.08GPA for an MA degree and banking experience 😎
  11. Go to the LSAT Report tab and scroll down
  12. I took the LSAT twice, June and September. I just completed the writing section 1 week ago. Do I need to do anything for LSAC to report my scores to the schools I'm applying for ? or does LSAC send my scores automatically. My LSAC account show that they got 2 requests for scores but they didn't send them because at that time I haven't done the writing section yet.
  13. I'm applying to UofA, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa and UBC. 3.8 Undergrad BA Business (2011), 3.08 MA Economics (2014). I'll have 4 years of small business banking experience by the school year start date. What do you think ?
  14. Scotia will either approve for full amount 135 or none at all. You can't apply for a lesser amount. Speaking from work experience.
  15. hey OP. I work for Scotiabank and plan to go to law school in 2020. The 135 is the total limit for all 3 years. you usually get access to 41,700 in year 1, same in year 2 and the rest in year 3. They'll need to confirm you're still enrolled every year to advance that year's portion. Interest accrues (builds) immediately as you use it, instead of making you pay it, they add it to the existing balance. It basically snowballs. You borrow $100, bank charges you 3.95% a year, you don't pay anything, bank adds the $4 to the $100 and now you owe $104, bank charges you 3.95% on the $104, etc. You pay interest on the interest. you can use your line of credit as you wish, buy something with it, transfer to your checking account or even take it as cash. interest calculation is the same.
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