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  1. hey everyone, hope you're all holding up well. After the pandemic I decided to convert 2 courses to P/F: contracts and legal writing/foundations. One of my academic references is my contracts professor (I couldn't write the final exam because of family issues + pandemic, but was otherwise an engaged student). I sat the rest of my exams and my grades are ok: B+'s/A-'s in everything. I'm scared that taking P/F in two courses will reflect poorly on me. Is this a well-founded fear or just paranoia? I have no idea what recruitment will look like or how they will interpret a transcript with 2 P/F's (though legal foundations is only worth 1 credit, so it did not have a huge impact on my cGPA. I took a P for it bc a mentor of mine advised me to). Is this something to explain in a CL?
  2. Just wondering whether mid terms grades are curved or if they are our original scores.
  3. Thanks for the insight! I'm having a little trouble understanding the 0.5 difference. If a 7 is a B+ and an 8 is an A-, what is a 7.5? Similarly, what is an 8.5? I couldn't find info on decimal points on the Ottawa grading scale.
  4. Hey guys, Received an assignment back where the curve meant the class average was a B+. Does being "above the curve" matter? Is there a significant difference between a B+ and an A-? I'm also hazy on Ottawa's grading scale. For context, the range of grades went highest up to 8.5. Thanks in advance guys
  5. No, I meant do firms ask for your last two years only, or your full transcript.
  6. Thanks for your advice! Follow up: do you think I should include my complete undergraduate transcript (from all 4 years), or only include transcripts from my last 2 years of undergrad?
  7. Hey all, I'm a 1L, starting to think about recruits and stressed about the amount of firms that ask for your undergrad transcripts. I didn't perform well in my first 2 years of undergrad and am scared it will reflect poorly on me for recruits. Do firms place a lot of emphasis on undergrad grades? Should I address the low marks of my first 2 years in my cover letter? Thanks in advance for the help
  8. Hey all, I'm trying to request a seat in a first-year thematic course that is full. I am currently on the waitlist for it. I wanted to know if I could email an academic advisor or the teaching professor in order to see if I can request a spot in the course. Thanks in advance!
  9. where did you view the status of your application?
  10. Thanks for the insight guys, it's been really helpful I'm so grateful for this forum
  11. Hey all, I'm starting law school next week and am wondering if I should buy the textbooks before starting school? Is there any significant advantage to doing so? Also, I will be starting at U Ottawa but currently live in the GTA. Is there any way to obtain my books now instead of when I move (next weekend)? Thanks in advance guys
  12. Hey guys, Crunching the numbers on law school and it's not cheap so I'm trying to make as much money as I can during my summers. I'm going to be a 1L in September, and I'm wondering about the likelihood of landing a paid internship in the summer. Would I be able to make enough money from April-Sept to put a dent in my tuition fees for 2L? Is there any specific job stream I should look into (i.e. corporate, IP, etc)? I'm hoping to make around $9k+ so that I can at least cover half the fees. Thanks in advance
  13. Hey guys, Kind of confounded by the fact that U Ottawa classifies (from what I know) the English Common Law JD as an "undergraduate degree". I realized this when I was applying for OSAP and started thinking about it more recently. I can't speak to other schools. Are all JD's technically undergraduate degrees?
  14. Hey guys, As an incoming 1L in September, I wanted to know if we're permitted to take an internship during the 3-week January intensive? Or are we only allowed to take that one mandatory course during those 3 weeks? Thanks in advance!
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