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  1. I don't know what I want to do yet because I don't have practical exposure in both fields. I can say I like research because I have some experience in that, but who's to say I won't like client-facing work if given the chance to do it? That's what I'm having a hard time with.
  2. Am torn between two potential jobs for my 2L summer: 1. I could do legal research on upcoming bills at the senate (I have 2 previous jobs in legal research); 2. I could gain practical work experience drafting client documents, etc (basically the type of work that is done at a clinic placement) Which of these two options would look best for firms that participate in the articling recruit? I think I might need to diversify my work experience (less legal research), but am not sure. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for all the input guys. I guess this post was just a late night brain dump of my own anxieties that firms might not actually care about. I'm going to heed advice from the comments and remain grateful for my summer job. I'm definitely excited to work and I know I'm lucky to have that opportunity. Thanks again
  4. I'm a 2L and got a job for the summer but no OCI's with any of the "biglaw" firms. I have been told my law school GPA is competitive (higher than B+). But my undergrad gpa sucked. I think I only made dean's list in my last 2 years and my first two were mediocre. I constantly feel crushed when firms ask for undergrad transcripts. I feel like it holds me back. Maybe I'm just finding a reason to blame for striking out, when OCI's really don't have any rhyme or reason. Sometimes I think I have the lowest undergrad gpa of my class. I just feel so haunted by it and I worry my poor performance in undergrad makes firms view me as lazy or a slacker.
  5. This is a great comprehensive answer. Thank you for your help.
  6. Thank you for your insight. I see that most full-service firms do not participate in the articling recruit because they retain their 2L summer students. I mean to ask how the firms that do participate in the articling recruit perceive MAG-work from 2L summer.
  7. Wanted to know if it's possible to transition from MAG in 2L summer to full service firms in the articling recruit. How do firms perceive working for the MAG in 2L summer? Is it possible to make the transition from MAG to "biglaw"?
  8. I know of people that had 2 interviews.
  9. did you guys have 1 or 2 interviews?
  10. anyone hear back from singleton reynolds?
  11. has anyone else heard from blaneys?
  12. has anyone got an acknowledgment email from mindens? pretty sure they said they would send one out after the deadline
  13. Does anyone know if call times vary depending on location? I didn't apply for the southwest region so am not sure
  14. I got acknowledgement emails from pretty much every firm, just a "thank you for applying" type of email on the day I applied. This notified me that they received my application. I have not gotten any further emails from any firm.
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