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  1. Yeah, I definitely agree that the Crown interview process is more substantive and rigorous than Bay. I just didn't get the sense that made Crown jobs more competitive, on the whole. Interested in the contrary take.
  2. Interested in your take on competitiveness for Crown jobs. The anecdotal evidence I've heard would position Crown jobs as less competitive than Bay, with the exception of the Criminal Appeals branch.
  3. I don't think they've made any final decisions on details, but the gist I heard is that they will pay students for the full contract term and figure out a WFH situation until offices are back up and running.
  4. I have heard rumours from credible sources that two small-mid sized firms in Toronto will also honour their summer student contracts.
  5. Super shitty. Sorry. Did they say anything about articling?
  6. As in, delaying the start date or suspending the summer program completely? How do you think this will affect articling offers?
  7. Heard this as well, although apparently Osler hasn't confirmed how it will affect student pay. I heard from the recruiter at the firm I was hired at as well. They said they will be having a meeting next week to figure out issues with on-boarding 2L students, start date, etc.
  8. The uOttawa Dean said there would be a clear notation on transcripts to explain the S/NS system and its purpose. I don't think employers will mistake this for the P/LP/HP/HH system at U of T. 1L's can select which courses they want to elect S/NS for, whereas upper years have to opt into S/NS for all of their courses or none. 1L's also have the benefit of professors communicating their marks to date before they must choose which grading scheme they want to apply.
  9. I wholeheartedly agree with this in principle, but I also agree with ProfReader's point that applicants will have significantly reduced bargaining power/latitude to be choosy in the coming years. I also think law firms are bound by the limited materials they have to screen candidates. Even if they recognize the inherent unfairness of penalizing students for how their university chose to respond to the crisis, the reality is that law school grades indicate *some* things that other metrics in an applicant's file simply don't capture (even if we agree that law school grades are imperfect indicators themselves).
  10. Co-sign almost all of what LegalQueen has said. I would urge you not to weigh the reputation factor heavily in making any decisions. I agree with the two previous respondents in that there is no sense among the uOttawa cohort that we were forced to attend our 'safety' school. Ottawa's law faculty has significantly improved over the last ten years, and the legal market now recognizes that. I have met and worked with law students from Osgoode, Queen's, Western, UofT, McGill, and Windsor, and can honestly say the differences I perceived in intelligence or capacity bore no relationship to their school's traditional ranking. I also participated in Toronto OCI's this year, received many interviews, and fielded no questions - veiled or explicit - suggesting a lesser view of uOttawa. I will say that among 'old guard' lawyers (say, 25+ year calls) there is still a perception that all Ontario schools outside of Toronto are inferior. But, frankly, this is a superficial and outdated view that should neither be taken personally or as reflective of what your opportunities will be. I actually like the building, aside from the completely inadequate printing and washroom facilities. And LQ covered the food situation: it truly is awful, save for the new espresso machine. For the local job market, it is no worse than any other Canadian city's legal market. And you will have an advantage if you attend uOttawa in that you will have more access to internships, volunteer positions, and networking while in school that may lead to a local job. Just a small clarification on LQ's post, though: the formal recruits are dominated by large firms, but smaller firms and government employers do still participate. For example, several branches of MAG, DOJ Toronto, and other gov't agencies participate in Toronto OCI's, along with several boutique firms.
  11. Absolutely. I'm still physically exhausted, emotionally drained and distracted - despite ultimately accepting a job, like you. I'm trying to get back into school work but also trying to give myself some latitude. We just went through a whirlwind. Hopefully you can remind yourself that even the 'rejections' were dependent on you getting in the In-Firm door: a HUGE accomplishment in itself.
  12. If it's any help, MAG, Crown Law Office Criminal sent out our assigned case yesterday morning. I'd expect you to receive your topic in the next day or two!
  13. Oh, forgot to add - people love Stephen Blair for Commercial Law. Cares about his students and good sense of humour.
  14. For Tax, Vern Krishna is very well-respected in the field. I don't know any profs teaching Wills, but I've heard very positive things about Real Estate Transactions with Michael Bird (easy and also helpful for the Bar). Other practical courses that get really positive reviews are Negotiation with Herve Depow and Statutory Interpretation with Keyes (dry, but apparently looks good on a resume and is useful in practice). For International, check out International Private Law with Marina Pavlovic (she's supposed to be amazing) or International Commercial Arbitration with Daimsis (he's hilarious). If you want more public law stuff, international courses with Penelope Simons or Craig Forcese would be really good. The upper year courses in Crim tend to be more procedure-focused, classes like Evidence, Trial Advocacy, etc. Those are often taught by practitioners instead of faculty. But sometimes you'll also get cool theory classes taught by faculty. In general, Vanessa MacDonnell, Graham Mayeda and Carissima Mathen are all very strong in Crim on faculty. Good luck choosing courses and I hope you like the school 😊
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