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  1. Unfortunately Pal is on sabbatical next year. His plans may have changed due to COVID, though. The school should put out the full list of 1L small group professors in the next couple weeks. Feel free to PM me if you want any thoughts on particular profs.
  2. Was the rumour for the fall semester alone or the whole academic year?
  3. All great options. Sandy Hill: I guess the biggest draw would be proximity. Most of my friends who live in this area are only a 5-8 minute walk from school. You will also be surrounded by mostly student residents (either a positive or a negative, depending on your preferences). To me, the biggest drawback is the lack of a neighbourhood feel. Aside from student housing, the area is bordered by highly trafficked commercial strips like Byward and Rideau Mall. I know lots of students who are happy living here, though. Centretown/Golden Triangle: a bit further from the school, but I prefer it to Sandy Hill. Depending on where you land in the area, you'd probably be a 10-25 minute walk to school. I know lots of people who actually like the distance from school though. It gives you some mental separation between home and school, and the chance to de-compress with music or a podcast at the end of day walk home. Slightly better grocery, coffee shop, and bar options than Sandy Hill. You might also want to check out Chinatown or Little Italy. These are a bit further from campus, but still very accessible by bike or transit. Cool neighbourhood vibes and cheaper rents.
  4. Thank you for correcting me! In two years at the school, I hadn't been aware of this. But, thinking back, the handful of equations left on chalkboards now make sense... 😂
  5. OP, you might also benefit from an unusually late 2L recruitment next year. From what I've heard, it seems likely that 2L OCI's will be pushed back to January or winter of next year, which would allow you to improve your competitiveness with a strong set of 2L Fall grades.
  6. I would also say the amount of money that he's invested might actually be reason for caution before accepting his view as gospel. I am sure that your friend is a smart investor, but at this point he is psychologically incentivized to believe what he's predicting will come about. Either way, best of luck coping with the stress. I think most people can relate.
  7. Ottawa winters are, indeed, brutal 😂 The law building is not shared with non-law faculties, though. We just have multiple programs (English Common Law, French Common Law, Civil, etc) that all use Fauteux. The most noticeable effect of this, for me, was the age and language of students in the building. It is a pretty even split of English and French in the hallways, and the Civil program means it's not uncommon to be seated next to a 19 or 20 year-old in the library. Also subjective advice, but I'd focus more on the professors, courses available, extra-curricular opportunities and general culture than the building itself. The relationships and opportunities I've built at Ottawa have had a way bigger impact on my experience than the physical environment.
  8. Western does have better placement through Toronto OCI's. In the 2019 recruit, Western was reported to have placed 33% of its class v. 12% at Ottawa (though we don't know how many students from each school applied). I also understand that some firms offer more OCI slots at Western than at Ottawa. I've picked up on a sense that Western is considered a better springboard if you're interested in strictly corporate law. If that's your goal, then I'd say Western would be great for you. But I haven't really picked up on a sense that people think Western is a better law school than Ottawa, across the board. I might suggest checking out each school's upper year course offerings, clinic and internship opportunities, etc to get a sense of what the full experience would be like, outside of Toronto placement rates.
  9. I understand this sentiment, but you can be grateful for an opportunity and also disappointed by the prospect that it will take a dramatically different form than you anticipated. For many students, online learning could mean a significant impairment to their learning, extra-curricular opportunities (i.e. skill-building, practical experiences), sense of community, and capacity to build or maintain relationships. That's not to say they shouldn't appreciate how lucky they are, but I think it's unfair to ask students to be excited for any form of law school they can get.
  10. Thanks. I had actually heard that Blakes, in particular, was notorious in their summer student to articles retention rate, but honestly am happy to stand corrected.
  11. So you believe that all 38-40 summer students hired at Osler and Blake's will be offered articles?
  12. It depends. For the most part, yeah, your impression is correct. But I've been told there is some retention uncertainty at a few big firms as well. For example, Osler and Blake's have hired large summer classes (35-40 students) in the past to only retain 60-75% of those students to article. You can check out Precedent JD or Ultra Vires for exact hiring numbers in Toronto (summer students, articling, and associates).
  13. I imagine most of us have been in touch with our employers, but have received some variant of "details TBC". It's helpful to compare information about what other firms have communicated or decided, without having to pester our own employers with incessant questions. I'm really sorry for occupying so much moderator time amidst a global crisis (sincerely). But I think many students are concerned that this issue could mean the difference between earning $20k + this summer and earning nothing.
  14. Good point. FWIW, I heard that Osler's postponement would not affect the end date. The summer term would just be shortened.
  15. Yeah, I definitely agree that the Crown interview process is more substantive and rigorous than Bay. I just didn't get the sense that made Crown jobs more competitive, on the whole. Interested in the contrary take.
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