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  1. What did your cold emails typically look like? Also, were you including cover letters, or was it like an email with a resume attached? Also, if you weren't emailing recruiters, were you emailing partners or lower level associates?
  2. which is why I'm guessing there are few (if any) purely trademark lawyers. Thanks!
  3. Ever since taking the class, I've been really interested in IP (mainly trademarks and copyright). As someone who will be articling at a firm that doesn't do any trademarks, I was wondering if you guys had tips on gaining experience in this area, or at least showing a demonstrated interest. Obv trademarks is a small area and it's not ALL I want to do, but I definitely want to do some work in the area. Also, if any of you currently practice in the area, I was hoping you could tell me what it's like? Thanks!
  4. Do you mind saying whether it was a small or mid size firm? You're right. Hoping and praying that when the courts reopen, there's a flood of work.
  5. I'm right there with you I don't know what to do now. I feel like the last thing a firm wants to do now is hire an articling student..but I feel absolutely useless doing nothing. Are the firms that have notified you that their articling recruitment is on hold firms who you reached out to, or firms you sent an application to and who sent you a status update?
  6. Hm, maybe if what Eeee said doesn't work, maybe you can stop by and see him in person? I know there are some ethical issues with going on interviews and getting another articling job once you already have one, but I'm not sure in a case like yours.
  7. Nope! Ontario Alcohol isn't due until this Friday, so we might not hear back from them for a bit. Has anyone heard back from Miller Thomson Guelph?
  8. That's an awesome success rate! do have any advice for crafting the cold emails since it landed you two jobs? Thanks!
  9. Do you know roughly how many people they will be giving interviews to? And also, do they call their best candidates first, or is it totally random?
  10. Thanks for your response! It’s actually a small firm but they have hired an articling student in the past. There actually is a junior associate who articled at the firm. Will reaching out to him be too pushy though? I don’t know if they’re even hiring in the first place, so I don’t know if reaching out will be too...aggressive?
  11. Hey everyone! So I have been cold emailing firms for articling since about November. One firm finally got back to me on Monday and asked me to forward my cover letter, resume, and grades. I haven't received a response since, and I'm just wondering whether this means they are not interested. In any case, should I follow-up? And if so, what is the appropriate amount of time before I should follow-up. Thanks!
  12. do you think it's best to say in the phone call/email when asking for a coffee meeting that we're looking for an articling job, or mainly that we want to connect with them?
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