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  1. I would just ask your professor if you can use her as a reference
  2. do you think it's best to say in the phone call/email when asking for a coffee meeting that we're looking for an articling job, or mainly that we want to connect with them?
  3. even once we narrow it down and we have demonstrated interest in that lawyer's/law firm's practice area, do you recommend us cold email (an email asking if they're hiring, why we're interested etc and an attached resume) or do you think it's better to go with the coffee/informational interview approach?
  4. I too am really struggling to find articling I've started to finally cold email but no luck there. I don't get whether I'm supposed to ask if they're hiring or make myself stand out in a way that compels them to open up an articling position lol. Either way...not really working out
  5. Going to network/apply to job postings until January and then if I still haven't found anything by then, I'll start the cold-emailing. Cold emailing didn't work out well for me with finding a position in the summer, so that's why I want to spend the Fall first networking before I email asking for a job
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