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  1. I am hoping I am wrong for your sake too! I just want you to have realistic expectations and save you from refreshing the portal one million times a day Best of luck this cycle!
  2. It was said in a previous post that your tasks will be 'initiated' until they review your file..it doesn't mean that they don't have your documents. No need to stress Also, as per previous year wait list threads, the earlier you are put on the wait list is not indication of an earlier offer or rejection. I could be wrong in that...but I recall seeing it somewhere!
  3. The instructions on the check-in page outline that you can 'check-in' and do the practice questions without having to do the interview in the same session..
  4. When you check into the interview system you are automatically assigned practice questions. You cannot start the real interview with out doing at least 7.
  5. Same format as the practice. There is a recording of someone asking the question. Then you record yourself responding to that question.
  6. My experience: typical interview questions and really straight forward. I anticipated almost every question that was asked. Only issue I ran into was the time to respond. You are only given 1 min and I found that was not sufficient time for me to set the context for my response and answer it accordingly. I find that having a paper and pen in front of me really helped this, because during the prep time I could write the points I knew I wanted to hit, and use them as a reminder to stay on topic. Good luck!
  7. There’s nothing to fret about...OLSAS doesn’t review transcripts until end of November so they won’t send your OLSAS calculated marks to schools until then....same with LSAT. You’re LSAT reports take time to be sent to schools. I’m on my mobile, so it’s hard for me to link where on the OLSAS website they explain all of this...but they do. Come the end of December, if you still see an incomplete application status - then I would reach out to OLSAS.
  8. Because that is how they receive the requests from OLSAS - individually from each school. If there are any discrepancies between the schools on LSAC's list and the schools to which to applied on OLSAS, I suggest calling OLSAS as they are responsible for ensuring your LSAT reports are uploaded to your file and sent to your chosen schools.
  9. This is all wrong. OLSAS requests LSAT reports from LSAC, once they have received them, they send them off to the schools you have chosen in your application. You do not need to pay additional fees to have your LSAT reports sent to the schools you have chosen on your OLSAS application. OLSAS outlines this process on their website. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-lsat-requirements/
  10. I called and was told not to worry. If I submitted the application with no error messages at the time of submission (which I did), then everything is complete and no further action is required on my end. The help desk told me if a school requires further information they will reach out individually.
  11. Following this because I see the same message and I am in the same circumstances as you. I have uploaded all required material (PS, sketch, references, transcripts etc. etc.). I'm going to call today too just to make sure everything is OK.
  12. I don't know as I have not taken the interview yet.
  13. No you don't. The practice questions are not the same as the real thing. During the real interview, you are given 20-30 seconds after seeing the question to think about how you want to answer it.
  14. No problem. I am 99.999% sure about this. On their website it states that soon after submitting the OLSAS application (assuming applicants have until Nov 1st to do so) you will receive a link to complete the online interview. You then have two weeks from the date the email is sent to complete the interview. If it makes you feel any better I'm doing my interview this weekend. If you want to feel even more better - email them (they don't have a telephone line yet)
  15. Initiated means they have started to collect your documents from OLSAS, not that they have received them all. That's my best guess. I wouldn't worry - as long as you completed the OLSAS application in full, and submitted before the Nov 1st deadline, you're fine.
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