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  1. This is true. I should have mentioned that I was not wait listed, rather I was rejected. Oh is that right? Interesting.
  2. I asked for application feedback this morning. Received a reply, but it was very generic. It was not specific to my case, but nonetheless may provide useful information depending on yours. If you're curious, email them.
  3. Yes you will be able to see your score if you choose not to write the sample beforehand. You have 1 year to complete the writing sample. However, schools will not consider you application complete if you do not complete the writing sample before the application deadline. So, if you plan on applying this cycle, you do not have one year to complete the writing sample...rather, you have until the schools' application deadlines.
  4. Hi faitht. You're not alone in this regard...here's my piece of advice based on how I do things: For RC: strategically engage with the material by thinking beyond what you see on the page. As you read, try to decipher things like tone of the author, viewpoints, and how the evidence leads to the conclusions. This way, your mind is focused with a task, even when you may be reading boring / dense material. For LR: I tend to use a similar active reading technique as I explain above - just in a different way. When reading an LR stimulus, I actively look for 1) the conclusion and 2) if the argument is valid / invalid. Focused on these tasks takes the content aspect out of the question and lets me focus on tasks that will actually be useful for answering many types of questions. In general, try to think beyond the content of the material and use active reading strategies to keep you focused on the task at hand. Hope this helps!
  5. Wow thanks for the helpful tip ST. That is really cool that the digital RC section references the lines in question by automatically highlighting!
  6. Hi 76th. You are given bounded scrap paper to do whatever you please throughout the test.
  7. How unfortunate...yeah I like the countdown clock feature too. Thanks for your input!
  8. I'll have to spend a few minutes before the test adjusting screen brightness and positioning of the tablet then. Thanks for the helpful information.
  9. I am retaking the LSAT in September and have dedicated some time to understand how the digital LSAT works and how I may have to change my test-day techniques to accommodate the digital factor (I took the LSAT last November on paper). I have taken a look at the one digital LSAT released by LSAC and have used Khan Academy for some of my scored PTs. For those who took the digital LSAT in July , did you find anything about the administration of the digital test challenging?
  10. Hello Flying Fish. Writing in September vs. October will not affect your chances of admission or your ability to receive a scholarship. If you are hitting at/above your goal score before the September test, no brainier - write in September. If you are already feeling the crunch and you'd like extra time to hit your goal score, write in October. Keep in mind, there will probably be competing priorities if you chose to write in October. You might be juggling school work and most definitely working on your law school applications. So if you feel this is not something you can manage, give it all you got now so you can write in Sept. Hope this offers some insight into your situation!
  11. Yes all the grades are from a Canadian university. Thanks for the breakdown LuckyCharm. I have 0% hope for Oz to even consider my application further this cycle - I don't expect movement if at all in the class between now and the start of orientation.
  12. Hi Luckycharm, my exchange program was outside of Canada. I just took a few minutes putting all my classes and grades into the law applicants tracker I found on one of the forums in here. You were correct in noting my mathematical error (obviously). Thanks for the insight. L2 - 3.65 B3 - 3.77
  13. My co-op term and exchange program in my last two years make this discussion very confusing. Many credits are not graded in my last two years. If I could show you my transcript I would. My self-calculated cGPA (3.04) is even lower than what OLSAS reported to schools last cycle. @Diplock makes a very valid point, I could be just getting the math all wrong.
  14. My L2 is very complicated...I had to get a part time job in my last year to pay for school and I was in a co-op program in my last semester with no graded work. So I am not sure how schools would calculate my L2 marks? Anyways, my self-calculation is 2.76. Do you think I should write an addendum explaining my L2 circumstances? My B2 is 3.52
  15. I applied last admissions cycle and was rejected from every school that I applied to (Ottawa, Windsor, Queens, waitlisted by Oz). I am writing the LSAT again this Sept and I am hoping for a 160 or higher (my PTs are already showing improvement) I have really good ECs (volunteering, community involvement), and good references. And after graduating last year, I got a really good job as a policy writer in the ON government. Do I have a good shot at any of the schools I previously applied to?
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