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  1. Mine actually never updated due to some technical issue. I emailed admissions and they confirmed they received my deposit.
  2. There is no difference in provisionally accepting now vs. provisionally accepting closer to May 22
  3. You are emailed a receipt from OLSAS after you make a payment.
  4. In Ontario, OLSAS usually opens mid-late August.
  5. Ah! makes sense. I would have much rather pay online than by money order as my bank charges service fees for them. Alas...
  6. I thought the only way to pay for the deposit was by money order? I paid my deposit a few weeks back. I emailed admissions to ask for confirmation of receipt. They told me that they are not in the office to receive the mail, but it is being kept in a safe, secure location until they are able to do so. They said not to worry and that they will check the mail before the deposit deadline.
  7. Hey there! For reference, I was rejected (no waitlist) last cycle with the exact same stats. An LSAT score 158+ would improve your chances. Good luck.
  8. Provisionally accepting offers will not affect your other offers. Additionally, if your Windsor offer goes firm after July 1st (or is it June 1st?) you will be required to pay the deposit even if you choose to go somewhere else after that.
  9. Osgoode has updated messaging on their portal. It states that adcom is working remotely and assessment of applications will not be affected. Check your admissions site. Also - no one is 'for sure' going to hear back by April 1st. You can hear of a decision any time before the start of classes. I know nothing about Western.
  10. OLSAS doesn’t calculate B2/L2. It only calculates cGPA.
  11. This is an old thread and this event already happened two weeks ago!
  12. rejected CGPA 3.5 B3 3.78 LSAT 161
  13. I'm not really sure...it's been a while. Like the first week of Jan I think.
  14. Accpected! CGPA 3.58 / L2 3.7 LSAT 153, 154, 157, 161
  15. I can't BELIEVE! I'm in! CGPA 3.58/ L2 3.7 LSAT 153, 154, 157, 161 I did not fill out part B
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