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  1. Thanks for the information. Just one more small query. As per my experience and understanding, the major firms hire their articling students from their summer students mostly. In such a situation Foreign Trained Lawyers hardly have a chance. They would get the Permanent Residency based on their work experience and that time would have already completed college and education. In articling their opportunities would be limited. Has anyone heard of situations where candidates enrolled in the licensing cycle have been hired as summer students by organizations. Or would such applications not be considered on technical grounds itself as the candidate after completing his/her education would not be in a University as a student.
  2. Where would these openings be posted? My queries may sound very basic but the fact is that I am an Internationally Trained Lawyer. I believed that all articling positions are posted on the recruit portal as per the LSO Regulations.
  3. The question is given in the subject itself. Those who haven’t received any calls for articling interviews. What’s the way forward for them.
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