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  1. Wondering if there are any other incoming articling students with MAG who are yet to receive any news or updates about start dates etc.
  2. Has anyone who will be articling with MAG in Ontario heard from their offices in recent months at all? Wondering if / when I should reach out.
  3. Is there a salary difference for Federal Court clerks if you have already articled/been called to the bar? I can't seem to find that information.
  4. Since the offer and acceptance of a Toronto MAG articling position in August, I am yet to hear anything further. I’m wondering if I am missing something, or when I should expect to hear any more details? Thanks!
  5. At what point should I contact a member of MAG branches for which I was scheduled in for interviews but am yet to receive confirmation?
  6. anyone hear from Ombudsman? MCCSS? Ontario Human RIghts Commission?
  7. whats the protocol for missed calls? if one place calls while i am on the phone with another, is it expected that I call them back or do they call me back?
  8. Does government typically conduct second or third round? I dont know where to find that information. In your scheduling of the 7 interviews, does that span onto Tuesday as well? How long are you allowing for each interview (including travel time)? Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone. What is a recommended and realistic maximum number of interviews one of us should take on for the first day of Toronto articling interview week? How much time should be budgeted for interviews? What prep can I do this evening to best prepare for calls in the morning? Thank you for all of the advice!
  10. What is a recommended and realistic maximum number of interviews one of us should take on? If someone is lucky enough to have 6 ITCs and are expecting 2-3 more calls tomorrow in addition, is that too many interviews for scheduling purposes? Open to all thoughts!
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