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    Labour Law

    Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could fill me in on the labour law scene in Canada, namely: 1) Is there any strictly solicitor labour and employment law work, or do all lawyers working in the field consider themselves litigators (whether before the courts or tribunals)? 2) Who are the big players in management side labour, expecially in TO? I've seen Osler and Ogilvie mentioned, but I'm wondering if any of the other full service firms are especially strong here? Any info is appreciated!
  2. I'm not too worried about awards and scholarships either. So what I'm hearing is that if I'm not worried about being canned after a couple years of practice there's really no reason to strive above and beyond getting B's?
  3. Okay, so I've accepted at a firm which guarantees me articles (like in my offer it is guaranteed) and I've really lost the motivation to do any work. I don't want to clerk, and I can't see a firm going back to my grades after 10 months of articles to determine hire-back (my firm also hires back at around 95%). Is there any reason to keep working hard besides the intrinsic feeling of doing well? This may be untimely since Torontonians still going through the process, but when you get your jobs in a week you'll probably experience the same thing. Cheers,
  4. Just got my Vancouver call and accepted the offer. I had sent thank you emails to my interviewers after in-firms, now that I have the offer do I email them back and thank them again? Or will they email me to congratulate and I reply then? Thanks,
  5. Get the treatise Administrative Law in Context by Sossin and Flood, I rode that book to an A in Admin.
  6. Maybe gift was the wrong word to use, I meant more like a token. In any case he's a redbull addict so I bought him an 8-pack and he was pretty hyped on getting it. Thanks for the help guys.
  7. Okay, so he's not really my principal, but a lawyer at the company I'm working for the summer (my 1L summer) really took me under his wing although he didn't need to, gave me interesting and challenging work, feedback and encouragement. He also set me up with a big name at a large firm who after my interview informally asked me to be there next summer. I would like to get him a token of my appreciation, but not something that says: here's your payoff we're square now. Any ideas?
  8. guy21


    Well, congratulations are in order, I hope some money is tied to that award. Dammit though, I guess that mean's I'm walking away empty handed.
  9. I wasn't involved in any associations, a lot of them seem to be halfassed and a waste of time. The benefit is that some will set-up firm tours, but I just added my name to the list after a friedn told me about so and so firm tour and went even though I wasn't part of that clinic. I was a volunteer at a client based clinic (DLS/AIW) and was on Law Review. Here and there I would help out with volunteering (like LAWS) when a friend would ask me, and I took part in one of the non-competitive moots. Time commitments vary, probably spent about 10 hours a week on EC's, most of it fit into the middle of the day (between classes) or really late at night (would get to stuff after I finished my school studying). With all of this I had time to go out every weekend, workout often, get coffees, play pick-up sports, shop, watch some tv and get decent grades. I assume it will be different for everyone, you will hit your stride and know more after a couple of months, and this will all likely change after you come back in January. You have to be able to say no when you have work to do, which I sometimes found hard. A word of warning though, be prepared to come back in January and work harder, some people who rocked December exams got killed in April because they figured grades would stay constant, however exam writing is a unique skill and many won't figure it out until after the first round of exams. Those people who learn how to write an exam and work hard because they did poorly in December will come out on top. As a second piece of unsolicited advice, find someone who did well in upper year (if you're lucky your peer mentor will be that person) and ask them how to write a decent exam, maybe prod them to let you see one they wrote from the year before. I found that law exams require a certain cadence (or rhythm, its hard to explain) to write them and once you've got it you can focus on answering the question.
  10. guy21


    Has anyone been notified that they received an award yet? First year in particular?
  11. Are honours and Dean's list the same thing? As I understand it, honours is for "A" average students where Dean's list is top 10%. I apparently didn't get honours standing with 3 A and and 4 B+, but is there a chance I could get Dean's List?
  12. In my opinion you shouldn't miss the small group professor meeting, those classes are pretty small and your prof will be taking that as an opportunity to get to know a bit more about you and to explain a bit more about how small groups work in first year, I would say go to that. Plus the booths for clubs and clinics will be up just before that and you can check out your EC's (stay away from Law Review...seriously). I'd also try to meet your peer mentor, mine helped me a ton throughout the year and I leaned on him a bit when I needed someone with experience to turn to, if not maybe try to get his email and set something up in the few days following. Edit: I just noticed the part where you said this wedding is your own, then no, nothing during the day is more important than that. Congratulations.
  13. Hi, NY tends to get a lot of attention on these boards, but what about its slightly uglier and less well known sister, Boston. Canada seems like its trying to force me out when I graduate, and was just wondering if anybody knew anything about their hiring process/salaries/working culture. Cheers,
  14. That said, my advice would be to live it up in your first couple of months. I went out 2-3 times a week at the start of school, I never fell behind but didn't get ahead. Your classmates can be your best resource, I can't count how many times I leaned on my friends throughout the year. Meet them and have some bonding times, having people around you that you can trust is indispensible and you'll get that by heading our for beers.
  15. guy21


    Much appreciated anyways Erin.
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