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  1. I had to cus nothing else worked. Not saying my studying strategy is THE way but it worked for me considering I did get into Osgoode... 3k is way more than normal. I would say about $1-2k for tutoring but I needed more lessons because I was specifically struggling. Despite the money, the other facts I was speaking to that differentiated the different studying techniques are relevant.
  2. I have taken a Princeton review course, done self teaching with those powerscore books and nothin really worked so I did private tutoring. Tutoring is truly the way to go. It was stressful to be in a classroom with other students and depending on where they are at with the lesson the entire class is either held up or moving ahead of your understanding because the teacher can't stop or move ahead for you. Tutoring is more catered to your needs. I did pay over $3k in tutoring but I think it was worth it, unless you are disciplined with those self-teaching books but I would get distracted and just sit there
  3. I wouldn't give up hope yet. I got into Osgoode back in March with a 3.59 and a 157... so if it can happen to me it can happen for you too. You just gotta be patient. I didnt make any student accounts to check on my law school applications till like 3 weeks into march because I wasn't too keen on checking and ruining my 4th year with unnecessary stress. I didnt even know how to login to western, osgoode or ottawa. I think the more you watch it the crazier you will drive yourself.
  4. Ya I think they would probably make students pay a larger deposit to defer, which wouldn't be too bad considering the alternative. I would 100% pay whatever to defer
  5. I've gotten in but waiting on my deferral request so I assume after that they will start accepting more.
  6. Can someone please explain to me what money order means? I'm supposed to mail cash? How does the online payment thing work?
  7. I believe it was a 3.8, but I decided to cancel my offer to Windsor for Osgoode
  8. I actually applied for deferral to the class of 2023 as well. They had told me that one student was approved, I am assuming you, and there were a few others that had inquired. I have already submitted my request but I was just wondering roughly the reasoning for your deferral and what you had to provide. I am basing my request on a mental health and financial basis.
  9. I only got an email! Not on OLSAS yet
  10. Just got accepted this morning! CGPA: 3.59 LSAT: 155,157 and I think I did do the B part.
  11. Got accepted last week CGPA: 3.59 LSAT: 155, and 157 I would love to go to a different school but will provisionally accept for now.
  12. I guess just to make this more generic, I just wanted to know if you have accepted people with similar stats to a CGPA OF 3.59 and an LSAT score of 157, assuming all the other elements exceed expectations. What are the chances of getting into Osgoode with a score that is a 157-159
  13. I hate to be another person asking but I have been slightly stressed about this entire process. I don't really understand how it works and what is given more weight. I literally have only heard back from 2 schools, one acceptance and another rejection and the other 4 no word from yet and I just wish I knew where I stood at least. I don't have the best stats with a CGPA of 3.66 and my last 2 years being around the 3.7-3.8 mark. I only scored a 157 on my lsat on my third try. The first I cancelled because of those tablets in July, September score I kept at 155 and third was 157 in January. I got 2 pretty good academic references because I knew them quite well and a non-academic reference. I am just wondering what you think my odds are for Osgoode. I know its such a stretch, but literally any advice that you can give me would truly be of help. Thanks so much
  14. Has anyone taken multiple LSAT's with photographic memory? If you do, I'd love to hear if it helped or not.
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