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  1. Haven't found anything either! Don't know if I should make a last ditch effort and contact those firms I applied to last month
  2. How long do you think I should wait to follow up? (from when I first sent the email)
  3. Hi all, I've been cold emailing firms for articling. One firm told me to get back to them after the holidays if I was still looking. I followed up a few weeks ago but they have not responded. Should I let it go? Or is it normal to follow up once more? Thanks!
  4. This would allow me to put her name in the subject title of the email? Ie "Articling Inquiry - Referred by Professor __." ?
  5. I am a 3L student and have started cold emailing firms for articling. Even though I've tried customizing my emails to those firms, I haven't had much luck. One of the firms I plan to cold email has done previous pro bono work with a professor I am writing a directed research paper with. I know that having a connection or referral to a firm will grab that firm's attention, however, how does one go about getting that referral? Do I straight-out ask the professor that I'm interested in a firm she has worked with, and if I can name drop her? Or will I need the professor to literally refer me to that firm? (as in they need to decide whether they recommend me). Also any advice with cold emailing would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Was all that experience in an area of law in which those firms also practiced in?
  7. I don't want to start a new thread on this, but when applying for articling positions fall semester, is it typically okay to mention a position you're starting and the role it entails the following semester? (aka you haven't even performed the role yet, you're just saying you're GOING to be doing those things).
  8. The thing is, I do have experience (clinical work) but it's in the most random areas of law because those were the clinics my school was offering at the time. So it's kind of broad...but not in areas that most places are hiring in. (It's more of a niche area). I still gained practical legal experience, but I guess employers will choose someone with experience in the area the area they actually practice in. I'm trying to get into another clinic next semester that's a bit more...marketable. Siiighhhhhh.
  9. also why do employers value clinics more than RA and law journal experience etc
  10. what do you recommend to someone who doesn't know what area of law they want to practice in. Like a general clinic is still fine?
  11. was Keyser Mason Ball supposed to call during these rounds too? (apps were due around same time but its technically Mississauga rather than Toronto.
  12. Anyone hear from green and spiegel? Do they usually send out ITC’s?
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