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  1. I have an HSK certificate that I got in High School. I have it on my resume but won't be listing as a sketch (obviously because I received it in High School), as well as not having a verifier for it. I think if you have a professor or teacher you could list as a verifier it would be worth listing under awards/accomplishments.
  2. Mine is about 7600 characters, I think you're both fine as long as you're concise with your language and touch on the topics they specify.
  3. I'm currently using my iPad to study, although i don't think it's necessary to go out of your way to purchase one. Advantages are that it is (kind of) similar to the Surface tablets we will see on test day. I use the 7sage app and the LSAT demon website, which isn't identical to the digital format but close enough. I particularly would not go out of your way to purchase the Apple Pencil, seeing as on test day they give us a nub on the back of a pen.
  4. I hope that you and OP find each other somehow
  5. Most Ontario schools and TRU require at least one academic letter of reference. So yes, I think it would hinder your application if you don't provide at least one academic.
  6. I've been studying since January. I wrote in June and scored a 149. I've been working full time, studying on my lunch break and maybe an hour or two when I get home. I've just now started scoring around 157. If 160 is your goal it is going to take a lot of practice in order to get there by November and it honestly will not be easy. Everyone is different however, and if you're willing to put in the work then you'll be fine.
  7. Hey everyone! I got my score back for my June LSAT and obviously was very disappointed with my 149. I have decided to re-write in November so that I will have more time to improve my score as opposed to writing in September. I have already read through the Powerscore trilogy, and felt it really helped me improve my LG score (that and 7sage), but my RC and LR can still use a lot of improvement. I have a ton of practice tests on deck, but i'm looking for something that will help me master the sections. Does anyone have any experience with LR Fox Encyclopedia or RC Manhattan? I've heard good things about both of these but wondering if it's worth my time/money to read through, or if i should just keep hammering out practice tests.
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