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  1. Hey if you’re still looking for a roommate closer to we should chat to see if we would live well together
  2. LOL if it's any reassurance, you definitely were not the first and only. I was rejected last week (April 8th at 9:20 am) with 82% cumulative/154
  3. Accepted this morning, received an email. 83% L2 from a percentage school, 151 LSAT November and 154 January. Kind of a jarring feeling considering I spent the last 4 months convincing myself I wouldn't get in this year as some kind of defense mechanism lol.
  4. I feel like they fully have the capacity to do the test from home just like they did the writing portion. I guess like we'll just have to wait and seen
  5. 7sage just posted saying moving forward they're only offering Ultimate+ packages and you need to pay for the LSAC key in order to use any training service that uses real LSAT questions.
  6. I could have swore that when I first submitted my application they only said they needed one transcript? I could just be losing it but I remember only u of a asking for two copies
  7. it told me my password was incorrect, and when i went to reset my password it told me I couldn't without contacting an administrator or something.
  8. This happened to me when I was having issues with my writing sample. Called three times, waited on hold for over 30 minutes all three times. The first two times I called I got an automated message saying they were having technical troubles and the third time i finally got to speak with someone. I just paid the phone bill because honestly I was so defeated at that point.
  9. I ordered my transcripts to be sent at the beginning of November, and my application is now showing that have been received. Not sure if that helps but it did take a few weeks for the application to be updated!
  10. LSAC announced recently that they aren't holding scores until the writing is complete anymore, they will release scores as soon as they are available/when the school requests them.
  11. No, I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think it's beneficial to try and call the school now to say you might write January, and then call them again after November to tell them to disregard what you said before, which seems to be what OP is suggesting. There's no harm in asking them to wait for your January score if you aren't happy with November, and if you are happy with November then no harm no foul.
  12. I would say sign up for January now, and wait to contact schools until after the January exam scores are back if you would like them to consider the new score. If you completely bomb November you could ask them to wait for January scores, but I wouldn't bother contact them now.
  13. They now have it listed on the website that the deadline was extended to December 1st, but they will start making offers after November 1st
  14. I don't have any advice but just wanted to let you know you're not alone in this. I've been studying since January, scored a 149 in June, and have been PTing between 158-162 since about July. I really wish I wrote it in September, but will be writing in November as well. I'm going to try and do just one timed section per day, and take a day off if I need it. Best of luck in November!
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