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  1. I am emotionally, physically, mentally exhausted and interviews haven't even started yet
  2. Has anyone heard from Baker McKenzie? Did they just like ditch the recruit?
  3. This is a mood they usually send emails tho cuz they know we are like blackout
  4. Also bell temple is calling with no itC and infrastructure Ontario
  5. Have they called u yet I’m still waiting lmao
  6. yeah either the firms are lazy or people just don't want to share or firms are just backing out and abandoning us
  7. Just got my rejection. I’d like to thank everyone who believed in me lol
  8. i wrote my thesis on it in undergrad so it has a special place in my brain
  9. lmao, i guess this is what it felt like waiting to be executed in the french revolution
  10. why do i have so much anxiety knowing i'll get a pfo
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