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  1. I posted this question a few days back in a different part of this forum. Check out the answers:
  2. I had my daughter in the summer after 1L. Here are a few tips I can share: 1) Be honest and realistic about time: Don't fool yourself or your spouse, law school will consume you. Your spouse will have to be as committed to your law school as you, if that makes any sense. 2) Get help: If you have family close-by, make fixed assignments when they can take care of the baby. If no family, hire some help. Our parents helped with the baby after she was 6 mo. Before then, we hired a house-cleaner and gardener to free up some of our time. We had to stretch financially to make it happen, but I am glad we did. 3) Have fixed days/times to do things or things will fall apart: The baby will have unpredictable timing, so make sure EVERYTHING else is predictable. My partner and I had fixed days and hours of the week for cooking, laundry, grocery-shopping, and even small/quick things like loading the dishwasher and taking out the trash. Of course, the biggest chunk of time on the calendar was classes and study time. My partner and I discovered pretty quickly that things fall apart if we don't follow the schedule. Good luck.
  3. No, but I got a call from a firm that did not send me an ITC hah!
  4. Got ITCs from 2 regional firms (don't feel comfortable naming them), regret emails from EcoJustice and Alexander Holburn. All of these came yesterday (Day 1 of ITC)...crickets since then.
  5. Hi all! I just received ITCs (Intention to Call) emails from a couple of firms that I had applied for articling, and will be interviewing with them in August. I was curious, how many candidates will a firm interview to fill a single position? Of course I know there is no exact answer but a ballpark will do ...it will help me psychologically to know if I am competing against 5 or 15 or 50 other students for a given position. For context, the firms I am interviewing with are medium sized (20-30 lawyers) regional firms in Vancouver. Thanks much!
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