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  1. Indspire doesn't give recurring scholarships but they do have this massive database and various pots of funding so when you apply just once each year they match you with whatever they've got. I once received 8k from them in my last year of my undergrad, but the time before that I only got 2k. Where are you planning to go to school? Loads have bursaries (though they are only accessible if you also apply for student loans)
  2. I mean I am from small town Newfoundland so Victoria is still a proper city to me I don't mind small, in fact I prefer it. I know there are struggles that come from that, but having things like the archives and OUTlaws lends legitimacy and hopefully helps people be more familiar or aware of diversity which is great. There were maybe four or five gender neutral bathrooms at uOttawa when I started there, and most were ab brisk 10 minute walk from many of my classes haha, so having them in the building is already a win!
  3. I'm super excited too! It took me like 2 months to decide because choices are HARD but I am suuuper happy with my decision and I definitely think it was the right one
  4. I had a good hard look at what I really wanted out of my degree, the type of environment I wanted to live in, and which schools & programs most closely aligned with my values. There were MANY pro/con lists and charts hahaha. I chose uVic mainly because they have such incredible support for Indigenous people, the JD/JID is just way too cool and unique to pass up, Victoria is a smaller city (I am a rural coastal kid and if you cant see at least several hundred stars in the sky somewhere then I don't wanna live there haha), and they host the trans archives which I *hope* means they have a decent QT2 community & decent protections for trans folx on campus. I was definitely also swayed by the scholarship offers
  5. Hey all! Wanted to start a thread for folks accepted into the JD/JID for 2020 - who here has accepted the offers? We're a pretty small class (around 20 people I think) so it might be nice to get to know each other! -Avery
  6. Got the call a few months ago and finally accepted the offer! JD/JID with 84% GPA and 175 LSAT
  7. In case y'all were wondering, I decided on the JD/JID program at uVic
  8. Looking for thoughts/ advice on which school to go to! For reference I got a 175 on the September LSAT, my GPA is around an 84% (since they all use different scales I figure percentage is easier here), and I have some pretty great references, so I am confident I can get into all three. I am interested in the intersections of Indigenous law, environmental law, and public international law (though I figure I will need to do an LLM to really get into those intersections). I've made pros and cons lists, and scholarship offers will certainly make a difference, but was hoping to hear from people who've been to these schools to help me make my decisions. @Osgoode students, do you find the academic atmosphere overly competitive? Osgoode is prestigious.. do you find it comes with arrogance? Are the professors approachable/ helpful? @UBC students, has anyone lived in Green College? What was that like? @everyone - what are your favourite and least favourite things about these schools & the cities they are in? Thank you!!
  9. Is anyone studying in Ottawa that wants to work together? I am registered to write in September. I started studying last week, timed diagnostic 161 and aiming for a 177. Currently aiming to study 3-4 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Would be great to do a timed PT together once a week maybe and chat about the Qs we have trouble with. Especially great if we are at similar levels and/or with similar goals! If anyone wants to be online accountability pals that might be nice too
  10. I just did the Khan Academy timed diagnostic (after about four hours of reading Fox's Quick and Dirty Guide) and I have two questions: 1) does anyone know which LSAT exam they use? I can't find it anywhere and want to compare my cold score to the averages for the test 2) I got a 161 on the diagnostic. I want to aim for a 177 on the exam in September, but most places I see talk about "10 point goals" - do folks who have taken the test/ studied significantly think it is reasonable for me to aim for a 177? I am planning to study (self-directed) at least 20 hours per week between now and Sept. 1 and then ramp up to about 30 hours per week for the last three weeks. I'm ambitious but I don't want to set myself up for failure if that seems totally crazy. Here's the score breakdown: LR: 19/25 LG: 12/23 (I ran out of time, only did the first 15 Qs) RC: 23/27 (I ran out of time, only did the first 25 Qs) LR: 22/26
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