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  1. Hi Canuckfanatic- I know this is an older thread but I wonder if I could PM you about course selection at TRU? I am a stronger writer than I am exam taker so your comment is very reassuring to me as an incoming 1L at TRU lol.
  2. Accepted at 2:26 MST! LSAT: 158 L2 GPA: 3.75 Practicing social worker with pretty good ECs I’d say! Not sure if I’ll be accepting as I was also accepted to grad school so I’ve got some stuff to think about! Very honoured and excited nonetheless!
  3. Hey! I'm in the exact same position as you. I applied all over, was waitlisted at my top choice and haven't heard anything back from the other schools. It's a really weird feeling knowing that, had we applied last cycle, things might have been different. I ended up applying and being accepted to grad school in LA so that's what I'm probably going to be doing
  4. Anybody else go decision pending around the 5th and not hear back today? Feeling super defeated as my stats are about the same as everyone else who posted today.
  5. I applied super early. Complete by Nov. 1st! And its alright, I got into grad school so I'm seriously considering that if things don't turn out the way I'm hoping
  6. Waitlisted this morning for the second year in a row lol. Feels good. 158 LSAT, 3.8 GPA, extensive ECs centred around social justice and advocacy work as well as extensive research experience. Oh well!
  7. Are you serious?!?! This is incredible news for someone like me who jumped 9 points between LSATs!!!! And to address your question, I think your stats are still competitive!
  8. Does a GPA that is on the higher side of things help to balance out a lower LSAT score? I have a 3.8 gpa but only a 158 LSAT. I've applied to U of A, U of C, USask, TRU, Dal and UNB.. does anyone have any insight into whether or not my low LSAT is going to negate my GPA? Has anyone here been admitted with an LSAT score similar to mine?
  9. Very true. It isn't a good use of my time to be trying to figure out averages when the information here isn't representative of the entire sample at all. U of C is just my top choice so seeing the acceptance thread become so active all of a sudden was intimidating.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm feeling a bit panicked as TRU told me that they haven't received my transcript from the U of A. According to the U of A, my transcript was printed and mailed on the 5th of January. Has anybody else experienced this issue?
  11. I applied to U of C last year as a fourth year student- my stats were a 3.5 L2 GPA and 158 LSAT. I was waitlisted and then rejected in September. I applied again this year with the same LSAT score but with a GPA of 3.8. From what I've seen in the acceptances thread so far, my LSAT is very much below average this year. Does U of C take into account being previously waitlisted or is it irrelevant? I am also a U of C grad, don't know if that makes a difference either.
  12. I can't tell you how absolutely delightful and reassuring it is to find another helping person on here! Reading people's ECs about working in law offices and having business degrees, I was starting to feel like a fish out of water. You're right- I have put in a lot of work to get to this point and I am proud of myself for that! I definitely need to work on treating myself with more kindness and not getting caught up in comparing myself to people on the internet who represent a very small sample size. Thank you so much for your message. It was exactly what I needed to hear ❤️
  13. I do not have ties to the Maritimes. I am not in school anymore unfortunately. I'm thinking that if this application cycle does not go in my favour then I will have to rewrite the LSAT. But thank you for your insight, it is really appreciated!
  14. Yes, exactly. I feel like I have expended so much emotional energy into this process and it is just such a daunting feeling to know that it probably was for nothing.
  15. You're so right. I must sound like such a big baby! I've gotten caught up in the toxic comparison culture that surrounds application season but you're right. In the grand scheme of things, this doesn't matter. I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me, I needed the reality check haha.
  16. Hey everyone, Does anyone have any tips for getting over the desolation that comes along with realizing your stats aren't going to be competitive? I have a 3.75 GPA and a 158 LSAT. Last year I was waitlisted at the one school I applied to and then did not end up getting in. This year I've applied to the U of A, U of C, TRU, Dal and UNB and, honestly after seeing this years applicant pool, am feeling way out of my depths. I'm a bit of a non-trad applicant, came from significant adversity and currently work as a social worker. I don't think that part of my application, though, is necessarily even going to be considered if I don't get past the initial screening round. I should also mention that I did not apply under any special consideration labels- just didn't feel appropriate for me or my circumstance. I could write the LSAT again (would be my third write), but am having a hard time pulling myself out of this funk and the defeatism has set in. Anyone feeling the same away and either have tips for how to move past it or wants to commiserate together?
  17. Thanks so much everyone! Ill shoot them an email
  18. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem. My to-do list says I need to upload my resume but I uploaded it when I filled out the online application.. It also doesn't give me the information regarding how to rectify the situation. Anybody have any insight?
  19. Fair enough. I was on the waitlist until september last year so hoping for news a little bit sooner this time.
  20. Hey all, Does anyone know the approximate timeline that U of C starts accepting students? I applied by Nov. 1st but am wondering if that really makes a difference in terms of the acceptance timeline.
  21. Title pretty much says it all, but the professors I was going to use for my references have become impossible to get ahold of. I have done everything I can think of; email (a few times), leave voicemails etc and have received no response. They have always been hard to get ahold of as they are both researchers and, consequently, are super busy but in the past I've been able to go see them on campus when other methods of reaching them fail. I have great relationships with them both so I know they wouldn't be ignoring me.. and I know they are still employed and teaching virtually. I just don't know what to do. I have other professors I could ask but the letters would be weaker. Has anyone else been in a similar situation this year?
  22. Fair enough! Thanks for that insight- I didn't realize the faculty hadn't sent anything out to accepted students yet. That must be very frustrating. I hope you all receive some clarity soon!
  23. Ah that makes so much sense- I hadn't thought of it that way! Thanks so much for all your insight and kindness I really appreciate it!
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