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  1. No I do not- I’m in my final year of undergrad currently.
  2. 3.8 gpa and 155 lsat! Will be retaking the lsat in September though as the 155 was done just out of curiosity with no prep.
  3. Hi all, I am a 2020 hopeful and would love some opinions on whether or not my ECs are strong! My experience is mostly in the nonprofit sector as that is where my passion has always been. In terms of volunteer experience; Big Brothers Big Sisters- 5 years Multicultural Program Coordinator at a Seniors Centre - 1 year Program Director at Heart of the City (nonprofit)- 2 years Paid Experience Settlement Assistant at Catholic Social Services- summer intern position Child Development Facilitator at Ability4Good (nonprofit)- current position Research Experience RA at a Cultural Psychology Lab- 1 year RA at an Autism Learning Lab- 1 year Lead Investigator on a music therapy study- current project Any insight as to whether or not these experiences make me a competitive applicant would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!
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