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  1. I guess I'll give it a shot this September and see how it goes from there. What were your gpa/lsat numbers and where did you get in?
  2. Completed my degree from Simon Fraser University last month with a CGPA of 2.92 and my L2 is 3.15 I believe. My first year i had terrible grades (F's, D's and C's), but I picked them up starting from my second year with lot's of B's, B+'s and A's, however, the effect of my bad first year is obviously still there. Generally, excluding my first year, my transcript is mostly B's-A's with a few C+'s spotted in there. I'm wondering if I should even bother writing the LSAT or is it just a waste of time and money at this point. I'm not picky about which school I get into so I don't mind the "lower tier" schools like Windsor, Lakehead, TRU etc. If I write the LSAT, I will be doing the Sept. 21 sitting this year in hopes of applying before the Nov.1 deadline at most schools. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
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