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  1. The best advice that I think you will get in regards to this, is don't just start volunteering to "pad your resume". Admissions is far more interested in seeing you commit to something you are passionate about, rather than just filling up your resume with meaningless roles in which you played no major contribution too, or in which you gained no meaningful experiences from. Find something that you enjoy, and pursue it. But don't force yourself into volunteer roles because you think you need to do so
  2. My EC's are quite extensive, a long list of academic and legal community involvement. I believe my EC's are the strongest part of my application and the reason why UofC accepted me relatively early. I applied in the regular category though.
  3. Thank you! Honestly yes, I did find it odd. I was admitted to UofC decently early in the cycle (Feb.) and waitlisted at the UofA, so I thought that I would be a shoe-in for TRU. I guess they just evaluated my EC's differently, and I also think I wrote a much better personal statement to UofC.
  4. Waitlisted yesterday. L2 3.49 LSAT 158 Will be removing myself as I have already accepted an offer to UofC.
  5. Waitlisted this morning: 3.49 L2 and 158 LSAT Already accepted an offer from UofC so will be removing myself from the waitlist.
  6. The admitted students open house was actually done virtually through zoom.
  7. Accepted earlier today!! So happy to be finally making this post, will most likely be accepting. L2: 3.49 LSAT: 158
  8. Yeah, completely understood! The uncertainty makes things difficult. It would be nice if there was something similar to the regular index formula at which you knew you would at least be considered for holistic review, but oh well. Best of luck to you both!
  9. Anyone think I stand a chance at all for holistic review consideration with a 3.49 L2 and 158 LSAT? Also applied to UofC, TRU, Sask, DAL. My EC's are where I shine so i'm praying!
  10. My thoughts exactly. I've been trying to use the 2019 acceptance thread to gauge when offers will be sent out. Based on that, two additional rounds of offers should have already been sent out but nothing new has been posed in the 2020 thread. Getting anxious for sure!
  11. Just curious, was your rejection from this cycle? or last year?
  12. Mine was completed on January 10th, and I haven't received an email or anything like that either. I'm getting anxious considering that there hasn't been any new posts in the acceptance thread. Looking at the 2018 and 2019 acceptance threads, I was expecting more offers to be sent out last week. Just gotta wait and see I guess!
  13. After confirming with them that I was finished classes in the fall semester and not taking any additional classes in the winter semester, they cleared up both items and marked them as complete!
  14. I'm also confused by this, but from the reverse angle haha. I was taking courses last semester, so I submitted my transcript to UofS in January when those grades became available. Yet, on my application it showed the preliminary statement of marks updated as completed, but not my final transcript??? I'm hoping to get some clarification from them as well.
  15. Yeah, I guess I just wasn't too sure about whether or not they still look at all of your transcripts, but just use the L2 for your official GPA calculation. As well as if transitioning from all B's in the first half of my L2 to all A's in the second have makes any difference. Never mind though, thanks anyways! still appreciate the responses.
  16. This is actually a good way of looking at it, thanks for the input.
  17. My cGPA is largely irrelevant though given that those are all L2 schools (except Sask which is B2). But no, I do not have any Saskatchewan connection.
  18. Just wondering if anyone has any input on how "helpful" a strong upward trend in grades can be on your application. For the majority of my undergrad I received nothing but B's (with plus and minus as well). Then in my most recent 11 courses, I have received 5 A's and 5 A-'s, with only a single B+. Basically this has resulted in a cgpa that isn't competitive, but a 3.485 L2. I know it's highly subjective, but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to how much this trend would help my case. For reference, my LSAT is 158, I have a ton of EC's and I applied to UofA, UofC, TRU, SASK, DAL.
  19. Hey everyone, just wondering what you think my chances would be for admission at UofC with a ~3.5 L2 and a 158 LSAT? I have two solid references and a ton of EC's, a lot of which are pretty good in my opinion. I also tailored my personal statement towards my interest in energy law. I'm just trying to decide if I should re-write the LSAT in January, so any input is appreciated! Thanks.
  20. What do you think my chances for admission are with a 3.5 L2 and a 158 LSAT? I have two solid references and a ton of really good EC's, so shouldn't be any issues there. I posted in the general forum a little while ago but just thought I'd ask for some TRU specific input, thanks!
  21. I just tried to register for January in Edmonton and there wasn't even any test centres available in Alberta. Hopefully they figure things out here.
  22. Hey everyone, I just got my LSAT score back this morning and am contemplating whether I should rewrite in January or not. What you think my chances at admission would be with 3.5 L2 and a 158 LSAT? I applied to UofA, UofC, TRU, DAL, USask. I have a ton of great extracurriculars, and solid references. My CGPA isn't competitive, likely somewhere around 3.2 or 3.3. I am currently still in classes and depending on how it goes, my L2 will range from 3.45 at worst to 3.52 at best. As far as the LSAT goes, I scored a 154 in July and cancelled, and then 158 in October which has been about my average (even though I had a bad test day) but I am confident that I could consistently score into the low 160s by January. Let me know what you think! Appreciate it.
  23. Okay yeah, that's what I thought. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks!
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