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  1. Thank you so much for the insights. So my chances of getting into Law school isn't very good?
  2. Hello Everyone, I am just doing some research about law school. What are some good law school in Canada for Construction and Real-Estate? Also, because I am in the early planning stages, I just want to get a feeler on my chances of getting into Law school: Background: Age: 30 Undergrad: BSc. Electrical Engineering CGPA: 2.8 (first year of engineering was tough) L2 GPA: 3.11 Graduate: Master of Business Admin – I was working full-time while attending school GMAT: 680 CGPA: 3.9 Working experience (All in fortune 500 company): Project Manager, Construction & Real-Estate industry– 4 years Project coordinator, Construction industry – 8 months Engineer in Training, Construction & Utilities Industry – 2 years Professional Designation: Professional Engineering (P.Eng.) Project Management Professional (PMP) LEED AP (BD+C) Certified Energy Manager (CEM) I’m just starting to prep for LSAT, of course, I would like to aim as high as possible, but 160 is probably realistic. What are some good Canadian law school I might have a good chance of getting in? Not sure if I can apply for ‘mature student’ because I just graduated from my MBA program this year.
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