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  1. I don't think anyone can give a concrete answer, but I've seen someone in a past waitlist thread ranked #114 so presumably it could be around that long (or even longer). Whether this long of a waitlist is normal or not I wouldn't know.
  2. After going through your posts, my advice would be to just decide on the one factor that is most important to you right now. To me you seem to be a bit all over the place - you've mentioned black student representation, potential practice areas, proximity to the SSC, tuition not mattering because parents can cover most of it (but now a 2k scholarship matters...?). I can't see any school that is a one-size-fits-all for all of your considerations. As other more experienced posters have already said, some of these considerations have more merit than others so I won't comment any further on that. You can't go wrong with any of these schools, but you just need to decide on one based on factors that you find the most important to yourself.
  3. I find it funny that the post right above yours says 'I have a face' but now has no face
  4. UBC just made all classes online as of 10 minutes ago, so I'm not sure. We can probably wait for a few days to see if Allard says anything?
  5. Aren't those American stats? Isn't the title of this thread "Full scholarship to T30 Law School/ Prospects in Canada with American JD"?
  6. FWIW the facebook group only has 88 people in it (including Allard students and people possibly declining before Mar 15) so there should still be ~100 spots left
  7. In previous years that might have gotten you in off the waitlist, but it seems like this year the index score stopped mattering after the very first round. I think someone in the other thread had a 91.74? index and hasn't gotten in yet, and I also have a friend with a 93 index without an offer (but his PS seemed quite poor to me when I looked it over). We don't really know how Allard ranks PSs now and we can't rely on the index formula for chances, so all I can do is wish you good luck
  8. Could you clarify what you mean by 'doing anything'? You want them do something towards...? It's not like UBC (or any Canadian school for that matter) is actively shutting out black students. In fact, from looking at their admissions brochures and other materials, it seems like they have quite a few black students attending already. This just sounds like affirmative action.
  9. That's a great gpa! I don't think it caps at 90, since mine was confirmed at 90.3. With drops yours should be even higher. In previous years they didn't care about a low lsat as long as your average was high enough to pull it up. With the 33% split this year, it still wouldn't be unfavourable since you have a good gpa (and presumably a decent PS). Your index would have been an auto-admit in previous years but I find it surprising that people with 92+ that applied later in the cycle still haven't heard anything. Hope you hear back soon!
  10. From my previous years of lurking I know this isn't your first time applying, so I just want to wish you good luck and hope you get in this cycle!
  11. Looking forward to meeting you guys there if you end up going! @Hydarnes I'd be down to get dinner/drinks afterwards :)
  12. You get 4 drops since you are on track to finish a 4 year degree. Only people who don't finish their degrees and apply out of 3rd year get 2 drops.
  13. I see I am not the only one thinking about doing this 🤣
  14. I've actually had the opposite experience - they've been helpful and friendly despite me emailing and going in person 20+ times during my undergrad. I feel like this 'helpful and welcoming' attitude from US schools isn't completely altruistic since they have many more schools in lower tiers that would throw scholarship money at you (e.g. Cooley). I would be surprised if any T14 school did this since they know they have large applicant pools to draw from. At the end of the day UBC still has one of the lowest tuition rates in Canada even without any scholarships and (correct me if I am wrong) cheaper tuition than any US law school, so you wouldn't be paying an arm and a leg just to attend.
  15. I know someone who took the November LSAT and ended up with a high 92 index, and so far he hasn't heard anything yet (or maybe he's just being weird and not telling me) If you know your index I could roughly guess your chances and hopefully reduce some of your anxiety ☺️
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