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  1. Back in December we got our emails on Friday so it's likely you'll be getting something either tomorrow of Friday if they said something will go out this week. Congrats in advance!
  2. It's ridiculous that people in my undergrad classes, who in the time that I have known them never got accommodations and have done fine, can casually talk about the possibility of getting extra time on the lsat just because they are having a hard time and have heard about other people faking doctors' notes for anxiety. I feel like people's experiences with these abusers unfortunately leads to some of them thinking that "accommodations = abusing the process for time", which unfairly stigmatizes those who actually need accommodations for health or other reasons.
  3. Not sure about Uvic, but I don't think UBC cares. I have 12 credits from my major and 60 credits of mostly lower level electives and got in earlier this cycle.
  4. I'm only a 0L but I agree with everyone so far. Why spend the time and money on a JD when your goal can be achieved with less of both through a MA/MPP/MPA? As for alternative careers, I know someone who just accepted his offer but for some reason is hellbent on not practicing. He wants to go to law school because he thinks "when hiring foreign officers the govt prefers law degrees", but I feel like this unquantifiable advantage (if any) is not worth the 50k+ and 3 years that you are investing into a JD.
  5. It's probably different for everyone (maybe depending on index) I asked admissions and they said I can only drop 3% from a 90.29 (and 162), but your wiggle room might be different based on your stats. It's probably safest to just email or call them. For your other question I think they just drop 6. We won't be finishing our 4th year so we won't have 120 to drop from, and if we had 12 drops instead of 6 it would be quite an unfair advantage to 3rd year applicants - if I dropped my 3rd and 4th lowest courses my average would go up a whole 1.3%.
  6. Not disagreeing with you at all - I just based my assumption on how much work articling students do compared to the relatively small amount I do part time, so I was surprised the difference wouldn't be higher in their favour
  7. That seems a bit low to me, I work as a legal assistant PT at a small firm of 2 lawyers and I got a bonus of $200 last year
  8. Just got the email! Conditional offer, 3rd year UBC undergrad 90.29 gpa (confirmed), 162 LSAT, 92.95 index
  9. Unfortunately not, but I'm hoping it's Monday since I'm still refreshing my status tracker every 5 mins Same 🙃 https://imgur.com/a/UIjpRkq
  10. With a good personal statement you might make it in off the waitlist. Good luck!
  11. I just dropped by the admissions office and they said offers will be going out next week Congrats in advance to everyone they notified so far!
  12. Almost no chance for UBC even with drops. Your LSAT is great and right on UBC's median, but even with the new weighting your personal statement would have to somehow compensate enough for your gpa to pull you up to the historic ~91.5 range. Hopefully you have better luck with the other schools you apply to!
  13. I can partly answer your question (but not for OLSAS) I had 18 credits from IB as well, and the only school I applied to just treated them as part of my 90 required credits since I am applying out of third year. I only needed to finish 72 credits in undergrad to apply, and the IB transfer credits just counted as finished courses with no grades assigned. However, this is only my experience with UBC, and I'm not sure how similar or different it would be for OLSAS.
  14. Seems about right, but everything might be late by a week or so since the first round for previous cycles was around mid-late Nov. They also have to bring in people to read personal statements now, which might make the process longer than their previous purely index-based one.
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