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  1. If your torts prof is who I think it is, I'm 99% sure he was never a practicing lawyer so I would just take that advice with a huge grain of salt. What Mal said is more or less my understanding too.
  2. There hasn't been much discussion about the Charter/federalism from what I've noticed in my year (everyone is focused on ISLR), but your (and the profs') explanation definitely makes logical sense to me. Same here, especially since I worked in Aboriginal law during my undergrad. The content feels very disconnected from the work our office did. The impression I get from friends both in and outside my small group is that this feels like a pseudo-law/undergrad Indigenous studies course rather than a substantive law class, which matches what you said about it being disjointed. I also hope it improves over time. In my opinion, the administration (or at least my prof) should find a better way to teach students how to treat Indigenous issues with the necessary amount respect and sensitivity. Right now the current method seems to be the prof grandstanding and implying that everyone except the Indigenous students should feel bad for being settlers (even if you're an immigrant, because that makes you a racialized settler).
  3. ISLR seems to be public law's spiritual successor given how almost everyone dislikes it right now. On the topic of 1L rants, ISLR in theory could have been a great class. However, the way it is taught turns people away from the content rather than engaging them, which I think defeats the purpose of having students respectfully engage with Indigenous issues in a legal context.
  4. No, to admissions an 80% in ochem is functionally the same as an 80% in something like German film studies
  5. Even though this was more or less what I did, I still agree with what Tagger says as doing this takes a requisite amount of planning and levelheadedness to properly pull off (i.e. you would have to properly plan out when to do 10 upper year courses and what lower level classes to take before even starting undergrad).
  6. Low 90s/high 80s would likely be people applying from UBC, since their percentage grades wouldn't drop (i.e. their 89s, 88s, 95s, etc. wouldn't drop to the lower threshold of the grade range that UBC converts other schools' grades to). I can see why it seems unfair but that seems to be the way it is 🤷‍♂️
  7. Your PS is worth 1/3 only if you are below 92/91.9x, so you should be 100% safe.
  8. They won't update your transcript, but you'll probably be in second round or after with a ~91.7
  9. For those of you applying to UBC I'd be happy to go over PSs! I'm currently a 1L at Allard and I can try to get back within a few days to anyone who wants to PM me their PS for editing.
  10. I don't think they rank ECs at all. It makes more sense that they would grade your PS based on how well you answer their questions, with or without ECs. Even if you were a peace corps volunteer, if you weren't able to meaningfully incorporate that into your PS, I highly doubt it would be given any weight. A person with "average" ECs who can write a convincing PS would do much better than someone with "greater than average" ECs who couldn't write well, and that's assuming that the concept of "greater than average" ECs even exists. For my PS last year I barely touched on my work experience and didn't mention any other ECs and I was still fine.
  11. Yes! My condition was to finish my 3rd year with an average within 3% of the average I applied with (though this number might vary depending on your stats)
  12. @BigHydrationPerson @Heliumgal I was a 3rd year above the auto-admit threshold when I applied last year and can confirm you'll be treated exactly the same as everyone else. I'd even say sit back and relax while you wait for your acceptance--around this time last year I was already making reservations for my celebratory dinner
  13. I was just joking as I applied in the year they started the 1/3 weighting but my PS still wasn't read. In all seriousness to applicants this year, don't stress over it but write it with the assumption that it will get read.
  14. Back when I visited in undergrad to ask for my chances Gareth had a 2(3?)-column spreadsheet with a horizontal line (presumably the autoaccept threshold) and he would just check my stats against that to give me my chances. You could email admissions and they would probably use that as an estimate before doing the actual calculation.
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