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  1. Awesome, it is always comforting to hear that others got in with this index score. I think I am going to try and rewrite because you are right there is no harm in trying! Thank you for sharing your experience
  2. Yes this includes drops. I am really hoping to get into UVIC so I should probably consider taking a fall LSAT with that advice. Thank you!
  3. I just got back my JUNE LSAT score and received a 160 with a 79 percentile rank. I was kind of disappointed as I was aiming for a 162 and had been PTing around 164 consistently for the month before but got wrong quite a few questions on the reading comprehension section (-10, yikes). I am really trying to get into law at the University of Victoria and so far it looks like my LSAT is a little bit too low and that worries me. Would love some other peoples opinions. I am thinking about whether I should retake my LSAT but due to an upcoming undergraduate exchange I will be a little short for time and couldn't do another till the October test. Since I've only done paper tests I also would love any advice about how to adapt my studying for the digital format. So, what are the chances of getting into UVIC with a GPA (self-calculated) of 3.9/4.33 and an LSAT of 160 (79 percentile rank) with relatively strong PS?
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