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  1. 33 minutes ago, lewcifer said:

    Currently in 1L but a lot of my classmates took at least a year off between undergrad and law, and many had full-time jobs for years and are 26, 27 etc. There's also some people in their 30s who have families. I'm a K-JD (I'm 22) and definitely a minority in that regard.

    that does not sound good as a fellow K-JD, what percentage of the class would you say is 22? 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, vvvv12345 said:

    So reading this recent debate about Windsor Dual vs Ryerson has brought up good points for Ryerson and the not so good points about Windsor. LOL making me doubt myself again for leaning towards Windsor (Single). I did some research and from online research alone, Ryerson has basically selected course schedules for first and second years, whereas Windsor loosens up after first. Other than that, I know that Windsor has moot and clinical opportunities and Ryerson literally has nothing else listed online. Man I am getting confused by the day, and if Ryerson has a placement opportunity in 3L then am I better suited for an articling position there or Windsor? And I know you guys said that location is not everything, but I am trying to get summer internships in Toronto not Windsor, so is Ryerson therefore better? Sorry for a basic repeat, I have just found out that a few people my friends know are choosing Ryerson over say Queens even based on the location and that being the first alumni the university will work with them hard to make sure they are successful. So then wtf am I doing choosing Windsor over Ryerson? Lmao I will work very hard in either school but I want to come back to Toronto with a job. So I am really confused.

    the answer is if you are deciding between dual vs Ryerson, choose Ryerson. if Windsor (single JD) or Ryerson, choose Windsor. the dual tuition is crazy and not worth it 

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  3. 2 hours ago, lolnope said:

    I spoke to TD. 180K+prime regardless of doing a sole JD or a JD/MBA. Covers your articling year as well, with repayment starting 2 years after graduation, or 1 year if you go to the US. They're also waiving a bunch of fees, giving some bonus money, and giving a credit card.


    is this offer at any branch? I am in Mississauga if it matters 

  4. 3 minutes ago, BGML said:

    Wait seriously? Are they offering online classes/skpe classes? or is it a blanket stay home? Government offices from what I know are currently business as usual, but some private sector companies are blanket work from home like Shopify.


    its only for the classes I am taking, so does not apply to the entire university and my prof said we just have to do the assignments she's going to give instead of exams 

  5. does anyone know how coronavirus is going to affect admissions? will it be slower since some universities are closing? I go to a major STEM university in Ontario and my prof told me students do not have to come to class anymore and final exams might be cancelled. 4th year is great 


  6. 3 minutes ago, sc313 said:

    I recently purchased a 2017 Corolla with 28K, and I have comprehensive coverage for three years. Does no mileage compensation (except an maximum of $100 per month) seem reasonable? The firm is located in GTA and does cases all over Southern Ontario including Windsor. Depending on the frequency, it could add up.


    why buy a 2017? you could have gotten an older one for 1/3 of the price. that would have helped you with the lower salary a lot. I know reliability is important, but even a 2005 corolla is reliable and way cheaper. definitely consider selling it if times get tough. you could end up saving 10k right there 

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  7. I had a question regarding the student LOC that scotiabank offers. I want to apply for it but I do not need the money. Is it possible to apply for the LOC, have it open and not use any of the money? I just want to have a LOC for peace of mind. also, I assume by doing so, I would not have to pay any interest since I would not withdraw anything. 

    It seems like a unique way to have 100k and I likely will not receive any LOC offers like this in the future, unless it is for a mortgage 

  8. 25 minutes ago, lawstudent20202020 said:

    I've talked to multiple reps from various banks, and all of them have said new doctors, lawyers and even articled students  get a pass on  income history when applying for a mortgage, as long as they have a contract for current/future employment. So that's kind of a perk.

    are you talking about the big banks? if so, that sounds crazy that one could get a mortgage and even buy a house as an articling student 

  9. 3 minutes ago, Lawguy1 said:

    What are your stats like if you don’t mind me asking? 

    My lsat is holding me back for Ontario schools, but I have been accepted out of province 

    3.52 B2 3.7 L2 3.62 LSAT 157 

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