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  1. 1 hour ago, sportslawver said:

    I did. What are your stats? Have you been rejected from Ryerson or haven’t heard from them yet? 

    157 GPA 3.52 B2 3.9 I have not heard yet from them, class is probably almost full, so chances are getting lower by the day

  2. 1 minute ago, Mydream123 said:

    Ryerson is very very holistic - as you can probably tell from the acceptance rates.

    They are a very social justice school and that’s all that we know. 

    Isn't TRU holistic too? that's what my impression was. I thought it would be harder getting into TRU since it is more established but guess I was wrong aha 

  3. 4 minutes ago, Mydream123 said:

    Why spend 20K, when you can spend 12K, work your ass of your first year and get good grades and transfer into the area where you want to practice. 

    I agree with turtles, I am scared for 1l. I am going to give it my best shot and try and get a B+ average (or better hopefully), but it is still risky. whichever school I go to, I want to be prepared to go there for 3 years. 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Turtles said:

    The only reason I haven't declined my offer yet is because I was holding out to see if Ryerson would offer a scholarship. That funding could make a material difference in my decision. They had originally planned to announce scholarship decisions before April 1, but then extended the deadline, twice -- and scholarship applications remain open with no firm deadline in sight. I would bet a sizable number of accepted students will choose other offers in light of financial considerations, so it is a shame they didn't communicate scholarships before the deadline. 

    what school are you accepting in Ontario? 

  5. this is what I found. 

    As a first-year applicant in the 2020 application cycle, if you are still in school and have not yet received an admission decision from us, you may be relying on the strength of your winter 2020 grades for your law school application. Indeed, some of you will receive a communication from us that we are deferring our admission decision until we receive an updated transcript in May.

    You may also be studying at an institution that has implemented a pass/fail (P/F) or credit/no credit (CR/NCR) model for this term, or some variation of that, on an optional or mandatory basis. Alternatively, you may have the option to receive grades on an aegrotat basis, or delay your final examination until a future date. Please be aware that performance in one semester, standing alone, rarely “makes or breaks” an application considering the weight we place on other factors as part of our holistic admissions process. Rest assured that, with respect to your winter 2020 courses:

    • you will not be disadvantaged in the application process if your institution mandates a P/F or CR/NCR model;
    • we will not draw an adverse inference if you elect the P/F or CR/NCR model, where that election is offered (for one or more courses);
    • if you do elect to receive grades (where that election is available), or you receive aegrotat grades, we will include them in our assessment of your academic performance;
    • if a final grade is deferred until a final exam or other evaluation is completed in the future, then realistically we are not in a position to include that course in our assessment this year.

    We recognize the challenges students are facing under the circumstances and we will be taking that into consideration. If you are experiencing an extraordinary or unusual challenge relating to COVID-19 that you would like us to consider, you may submit an addendum to your application in a Word or PDF file (not to exceed 1000 characters), with supporting documentation where applicable (e.g., medical), through the Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM) tool in the OLSAS portal.

  6. Will Queen's include CR courses in their B2 calculation? I am taking 5 courses this semester, but my school says that we can CR courses or have a mark. It would benefit me if I could CR 2 courses, but that would mess up Queen's full course load requirement of 8 courses a year. Does CR courses get included in the B2 mark? 

  7. On 9/14/2014 at 2:01 PM, askme said:

    I'm from Ontario and wanted to go to law school. Unfortunately, I didn't have the GPA to do so in my home province.


    Fortunately, I had a high lsat which enabled me to attend the University of Manitoba. I had a very positive experience there and was able to transfer to a school back in Ontario.


    I am now in 3l with a job. Things obviously worked out extremely well for me, but I do not feel particularly "special".


    This is by no means a path for everyone - but I have many peers who sooner went to Australia/england/united states than this route which I think is silly. Similarly, many others who simply gave up on law.

    I am in the exact same situation as you. I was wondering if you could comment on your experiences as a transfer. How hard was it to get a letter from a professor of law at Robson Hall? I have read other posts about professors denying them since the faculty does not want students to transfer. Also is a B+ average all you need to be a competitive transfer applicant in Ontario? did you have any 1L ECs? thanks 

  8. thanks everyone for your responses I was just wondering if grading was a consideration for schools. I know that there are much bigger considerations, including living costs, opportunities, tuition, etc. it is also highly unlikely someone who got an acceptance at UfT consider Manitoba, but I was just wondering. thank you for all the insights 

  9. Is it easier to get A's at different schools? I was wondering that since certain schools like UfT have higher admission standards, does that mean it will be harder to get an A average there than get an A average at lower than avg school (example Lakehead, Manitoba or TRU). My explanation for thinking this way is that these schools have lower admission standards, and as a result, it might be easier to get higher marks among your peers than at UfT. I know and have read many times that 1L is the same at schools, but you are given grades on a curve. Is it possible for a UfT student who gets a B+ average there to get a A- at Manitoba? 

    I am really interested in knowing about this and I AM NOT putting down any schools. getting into a Canadian law school is an achievement in and of itself. 

  10. Hi everyone, I have been accepted to these two schools and have to make a decision ASAP since the deadline is coming up. I am from Toronto and hope to practice in Ontario after law school, but I have not been accepted to any Ontario schools yet, I am not confident I will get in either (GPA 3.52 157 LSAT) so I am going to assume I am going to either Manitoba or TRU. Here are some reasons I am considering each of the schools: 


    Better job prospects (I remember reading somewhere on this forum that almost 100% of the class gets articling spots) 

    Better location (I do not mind working in the BC area after law school if I cannot get an article in Ontario)

    The major downside is tuition at 20k 


    Cheaper Tuition, it is only 12k 

    Poor job prospects (I really do not want to work in Manitoba, but I think my chances of getting article in Ontario are low with a Manitoba JD) 


    The number one reason I like TRU is that I would not mind working in BC for a few years if I cannot get a job in Ontario. Going to TRU and spending that tuition seems to get me a job in BC. However, a Manitoba JD limits my options to Manitoba and my chances of getting a job in Ontario are not the best for sure. Regardless, I am going to try my best to land an article gig in Ontario from either school, practicing in Ontario is my number one wish. I am leaning towards TRU because of its better job prospects but I am really wondering if the extra money is worth it. What do you guys think? What are my chances of landing an article gig from Manitoba? Thanks. 



  11. 55 minutes ago, Bure10 said:

    There are no issues with reputation at this point - I would argue that there were none from the start but its been 6 years or so since the first class got out.  That means 10 years since the first class when you get called.  It will not be a problem.

    what about in Ontario? how do employers look at TRU since not a big number of grads work in Ontario 

    also is it harder to get a job from TRU in Ontario compared to UBC for instance? 

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