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  1. 7sage helped me build a foundation and then I took the harvardready class. I found this to be helpful and would recommend doing this
  2. I would say average ECs, summer jobs as a student, worked as a legal assistant, and volunteered at a few community centres. my LOR were above average
  3. ACCEPTED TODAY!!!!! Best day of my life. GPA 3.52 L2 3.6 LSAT 157 I want to thank everyone on this forum. without the people helping me here, I definitely never would have made it this far. I cannot believe this is happening. LIFE IS GOOD
  4. my grades are getting finalized on the 26, my B2 will also have a super huge jump like you guys!
  5. there is no easy degree. I took some stupid econ electives (they were especially easy) but I was not interested in them, it was hard to focus on it. do something you enjoy for 4 years.
  6. I think I am going to sign up for fun and see what happens. I was scoring high 160's but test anxiety got to me. only got a 157. I already got accepted in a few schools, but not the best, if I end up getting 160+, I might have to take a gap year and apply next year
  7. this is unfair. I would have loved to do 3 sections instead of 5. you also get to do it at home, which helps with stress. so unfair. that is life I guess
  8. thanks for reminding me about this. means a lot honestly!
  9. the 2020 air is really good for the price 1300 for law school sounds like a good investment.
  10. why did you not apply broadly? you could have gotten in somewhere in Canada (Alberta, TRU, UofS).
  11. I always liked the idea of criminal law as a 0L, the salary prospects here are making me reconsider corporate law.
  12. how are people even debating these two? western and queen's is a fair comparison to make for big law, not these two.
  13. Queen's does not count summer courses in the B2.
  14. how is Ryerson going to affect you if you're already in law school? they have not even started yet
  15. I also wanted to thank you dead pool (and other mods like Erin). I posted almost a year ago about going to England and you set me straight. I got accepted to a few schools in Canada (nothing in Ontario yet) but thanks for encouraging me to write the LSAT.
  16. is that also the case for going to an out of province school? if you want to practice in Ontario, but go out of province to school such as TRU or Manitoba? is the gap year worth it in order to rewrite the LSAT? honestly think I can get high 160 (I was scoring there) but test day nerves got the better of me.
  17. Many universities are closed and transcripts are required at the end of the semester. how are they going to send them if they are closed and will this slow down admissions? I am talking about OLSAS. Schools need to see the final transcript to see that we graduated
  18. how do pass/fail marks affect transfer students? does this mean transfers will not happen this year
  19. if they are reviewing people with poor stats before, then it is definitely not fair.
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