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  1. I think you have to consider what type of law you are interested in. if you are interested in big law, wait a year, apply again. sole practitioner? ryerson for sure
  2. Does anyone who has experience with Osgoode admissions (upper years, people from admissions committee) know how much movement there is on the waitlist until OLSAS acceptances become firm in July? is it likely to get accepted off the waitlist at all in these two months? thanks
  3. Waitlisted GPA 3.52 LSAT 157 guess I am going to Western!
  4. Accepted today but will be declining the offer L2 3.6 LSAT 157 good luck everyone
  5. I used 7sage and it was helpful, but it makes you think like a computer. I liked harvardready's method of thinking, Yoni taught me to tackle the questions in a normal way if that makes any sense
  6. its nice to hear someone thinking the same way! if we do need housing in September, I think we will be okay. upper years have said that you can even wait 2 weeks before classes and find something. it will only be a problem if you are looking for a particular building like Luxe (which I think fills up really early)
  7. Why are people still looking for housing? I saw that in the Western facebook group that people are looking for roommates to lease starting in September, however based on this forum, classes are most likely going to be online. Am I missing something or should I also be looking for housing? thanks
  8. Is it normal for it to still say offer expires (May 1 for me) on OLSAS even though I have provisionally accepted my offer? I just wanted to make sure I was not missing anything and did not have to do anything else to secure my acceptance (other than the deposit). it also shows the green light on western's student website showing that I accepted
  9. what index funds do you suggest for long-term? sp500 is what I have stuck to
  10. I took it last year in fall and had school, you should be okay
  11. yeah I agree if you are smart and do your homework, you should end up making some money. the key is choosing builders with a history of delivering and location (the closer to the core is better). also near the subway or PATH system
  12. buy pre construction. my dad bought me one that is supposed to close in a few years and it has gone up 150k already even though it is not paid for yet.
  13. does a withdrawal in one course look bad? I took 6 courses this semester to raise my GPA, but ended up withdrawing from one since I was getting a B in it. I have a WD on my transcript this semester. I got my grades back for my other 5 courses and have a 4.0 this semester. do you think they will care about the wd? I am still going to graduate this semester
  14. does this mean that all law schools in Ontario will be online? it would not make sense if Ottawa goes online but others do not follow!
  15. I have a related question - if you cannot get a 2L summer job, can you still do articling for a Bay Street law firm? do the big law firms still hire after the 2L recruit?
  16. Is it possible to attend three law schools? I thought you could only transfer after 1l and that was it.
  17. I have a Samsung monitor 24 inch that is 1080 too like your benq monitor. I do not like the display, the quality is bad. word docs and web browsing is way more blurry compared to my MacBook screen. personally I would get 1440 or 4k and spend some more money the next time I buy, others should consider this.
  18. I was scoring high 160s. had a bad test day and only got 157
  19. you should be careful with burning out. I had a limited time to study and spent an entire month focusing on it. guess what happened test day? way too burnt out and hated the LSAT
  20. if you want to work in BC, you should go to UBC !
  21. you can provisionally accept Windsor, which means that other schools in ontario will keep considering you
  22. I just rejected the offer so a spot should be opening up good luck everyone
  23. I got rejected. GPA 3.52 LSAT 157 What a day it has been accepted to my dream school today so I guess I could care less about this.
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